TVGB Review: Wolfenstein

TVGB writes: "First, let me get all my cards on the table. This review is late, way late, and that is because my Xbox 360 gave me the RROD when I was halfway done with the game. My options at that point were to review the game with the information I had, or to wait. Seeing as the game got better as I went, I did not feel it was fair to try to assess it without finishing the whole thing. In addition, let me say about Wolfenstein that it is a first-person shooter that brings nothing new to the table in the genre, and in fact is not only a franchise, but operates mainly around a gimmick. These are harsh obstacles to overcome, and at first I didn't think the game was that great. But the game gets better as you go, and in the end I thought it was pretty fun. I will now try to explain how these things work in the same game."

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