Socom Confrontation Cold Front DLC

Finally after almost a year of waiting, The Socom Confrontation DLC has been announced. The DLC will include two new maps, three classic Socom maps, and new weapons.

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jut4203383d ago

really happy with the maps, i just wish they would have included Sandstorm, Fish Hook and Sujo. Sujo mainly becuase I think it would be sweet in HD but the other two were two of my favorite maps in SII. Glad Nightstalker made it though. Hopefully the two new maps make up for the other missing ones I was hoping for.

On a side note my Socom stats reset last night when I got on. Played a game and still everything was at 0. Anyone else have this happen to them recently?

chase1673383d ago

i really dont care about socom no more

MONOLITHICIDE3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

no but if u get it within the first 24 hours its $9.99 after that $14.99.

•New Russian / Eastern European Area of Operation
•Snow setting complete with snow effects, new snow gear and camo for both the Special Forces and Mercenaries, and thermal vision
•New ARMS RUN gameplay mode
•5 New Maps
o Uprising
o Entrapment
o Blizzard
o Night Stalker
o Vigilance
•All new mercenaries characters with new looks and new VO.
•New Special Forces squad, the Russian Spetsnaz
•Gun turret emplacements
•New music
•All new character specialization/progression system
o Allows players to pick a primary and secondary specialization and unlock new equipment exclusive to those specializations
•New weapons, including:
o 3 new weapons
o 6 enhanced versions of weapons available as part of the new weapons specialization system
o 2 new weapon attachments (including the thermal scope)
o 5 enhanced versions of weapon attachments also available as part of the new weapons specialization system.
o 2 new grenade launcher ammo types (flash and smoke)
•New Trophies


Is not the same game it started as everyone needs to get it..

Microsoft Xbox 3603383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

Wow what a way to get me back on Socom. Uncharted 2 has been taking all my online time. Can't wait for Blizzard!!!! But what about my precious Foxhunt damn it?

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