Super Street Fighter IV gets price and release

Regardless of your feelings towards the new Street Fighter iteration coming out soon (Super Street Fighter IV), there remains a large percentage of people who are quite excited for the new game. And now those people will be able to get even more excited, due to this leaked price and release date.

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d3nworth13598d ago

I hope you can at least use your saved game from the original Street fighter 4 in this one cuz i would really be pissed if i have to unlock everything again.

Jamescagney3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Why would you be annoyed, there's more than a few characters added?

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Hmm, Talk about being desperate.

jjohan353598d ago

Street Fighter is turning into another Madden, releasing a game every year with updated rosters and minor tweaks lol.

bruddahmanmatt3598d ago

It'll be hard for me to buy this. While it does seem like Capcom is adding a lot of content to justify a separate release I just don't like having to buy an "upgraded" copy of a game I already picked up earlier this year that'll effectively render my current copy of SFIV obsolete. It's like someone buying both Fallout 3 and Fallout 3 GOTY Edition or LBP and LBP GOTY Edition except in both of those cases players who bought the original copy of the game had the option of purchasing DLC instead of a new release. I think what sucks the most is that if I were to buy SSFIV I wouldn't be able to play online with my friends who only have the original game should they choose not to buy SSFIV meaning that I'll be swapping between SFIV and SSFIV depending on which of my friends I'm playing. I think I'm gonna have to hold off and wait for the inevitable Super Street Fighter IV Turbo that you know is coming in 2011.

presto7173598d ago

Pardon me, but I feel screwed over my capcom for getting SFIV early.

menoyou3598d ago

So... does this mean there won't be DLC? $40 for this on top of already having boughten the first SF4? RIP OFF.

NoBias3598d ago

If you're not really into fighters, you're more likely going to come into this thread complaining and questioning. But if you're like me, you cannot wait until this comes out. And for only $40??

Hell yes.

It's great having Street Fighter back on the scene.

d3nworth13598d ago

It's the idea of having to fight Seth again. That dude is frustrating to the point you want to smash your controller.

topdawg1223598d ago

Gettin this day one for sure, it sounds like they're adding enough stuff that it'll warrant a new release so I'm down. At least it's not 60$ like odst.

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Jamescagney3598d ago

Because they are adding more than DLC. They do actually work on this stuff you know, it doesn't appear by magic. You are getting far more for your money than you presume.


Like I just bought this game....maybe its me but damn can u tell me what they are doing that warrents 40 bucks...

Baka-akaB3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Like a new online code among many other things ?

It's simple enough , no game has released dlc so far for a entire new online code , and no patches arent the same thing .

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SmokingMonkey3598d ago

one regular SF4 platinum (which i'm not a master so no SF4 plat for me)
and one SSF4 platinum?!

Baka-akaB3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I still think that people who want this as dlc forget one essential and probable thing .

Even if it was possible , it's easy to imagine they would cut super sf4 in multiple pieces , for a total that cost more than the future disk .

Deios3598d ago

how many characters they added?

Baka-akaB3598d ago

At least 8 , with at least 1 new one confirmed so far and 2 old ones (t hawwk and dee jay)


I think i might all i gotta do is sell my old one

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The story is too old to be commented.