zConnection: The King of Fighters XII Review

zConnection's Mark Stanhope writes: "SNK's latest romp into the fighting game genre, The King of Fighters XII, has arrived. The series may not be as well-known as some other names in the fighting game industry (Dead or Alive, for instance, is a household title for some of the most casual of fighting gamers), but history, it would seem, precedes title in this case. The King of Fighters has been around for over a decade, and while it may be an overstatement to say the series is going strong, it certainly is alive. It is known to have a loyal fan base, and there were certainly a good number of battlers and brawlers who listed this title among some of the more pronounced "most wanted" fighting releases of 2009. However, upon booting up the game, something becomes blatantly clear at the menu screen: there is little in the game worth rejoicing over. This is not to say that the final product is devoid of any gameplay or fun at all, but can the few features incorporated within the game redeem it?"

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