Games on TV: In the Wake of Gameswipe

Andy Johnson of TheGameReviews writes: "Gameswipe's apparent success offers an opportunity to reassess games on television. After all, the show was actually as much about gaming on television as it was about gaming itself. It included clips of the likes of GamesMaster, as well as ones of more mainstream science offered disdainful outlook on the worth of the medium. In the show's introduction, Brooker also offered an explanation as to why games rarely feature on TV, suggesting that gaming is still seen as a sedentary, mind-rotting activity pursued only by emotionally and sexually inexperienced loners. Whilst it's true that such perceptions probably still exist among some of those behind the TV shows we watch, it doesn't go all the way to explaining why TV appears to shun our past-time, nor does it excuse what is ultimately a failure to give the audience what they want."

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SlamVanderhuge3594d ago

Recently watched the first third of Gameswipe. So much better than anything thats ever showed up on US TV. I recommend that everyone seek it out.

iTZKooPA3594d ago

Remember the old late 80's/early 90's show where kids answered video game trivia, played mini games and then got to run through a gauntlet grabbing all sorts of games and merchandise? THAT was awesome (as a game show).

This sounds awesome as a more informative, educational experience on the complex nature of video games and the industry.

mr durand pierre3594d ago

This sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

gidzilla3594d ago

Gameswipe is brilliant. Brooker has written some really good video game articles in the past.
You know he started in games journalism for PC Zone right?