Justifiable negligence or sheer laziness? Infinity Ward: Co-Op "ruins the experience"

Quentyn Kennemer of AnalogHype writes "It's been a long time since I've torn into a game or game developer for something, but this time I felt it was necessary. I woke up and read the news that Infinity Ward scrapped co-op from their upcoming Modern Warfare 2. This isn't what immediately set me off, mind you, but it was the reason why they scrapped it and how they tried to spin it to hide their inability to make it work."

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JeffGUNZ3595d ago

I am going to believe IW on this one. I couldn't picture COD4 with co-op. Would All Ghillied Up and Shock and Awe had the same feeling if it were co-op? Nope. Nothing was more awe-striking when your were jackson crawling out of the helicopter, sole survivor, brink of death seeing the world in nuclear chaos. Would have been cheesy to see your co-op buddy crawling next to you.

OutforJustice3595d ago

Then they should've just copied World at War and left those types of heavily scripted sequences out of the co-op campaign. They could've made it work. Treyarch did.

JeffGUNZ3595d ago

Yeah, the gameplay was fun for World at War, but I lost track of what was going out, it wasn't as personal and intimate as Modern Warfare. I guess we will see if they made the right call when we play the campaign.