Top 6 Best Artistic Games this generation

GamingBolt writes: "Art? Nothing can exist without Art. Even come to think of it, the world is an art itself. Now lets talk about Art in video games. There are some games which are beautiful to look at.While there are some which take our breath away. Through this article we present to you Top 5 Best Artistic games this generation."

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Assassin Nawabi3594d ago

ya uc2 wins hands down...asaassin's creed was awesome too

GWAVE3594d ago

How in the world are games like Braid and Flower not on this list? Did I miss the point of the article, or isn't this supposed to be about the art direction of the games in question?

Tony P3594d ago

^^Have to agree.

This list is more like "which environments look really pretty".

Darkstorn3594d ago

UC2 may have the best graphics on console, but I thought this was an 'artistic design' list. If so, you missed Bioshock and Brutal Legend.

StanLee3594d ago

Agree with everyone of those except Metal Gear Solid 4. So many more games this gen have had much better art. LittleBigPlanet should have been on that list.

The Wood3594d ago

folklore's art direction. The music/sound also added to the feel

JBaby3433594d ago

Heavenly Sword was art in my opinion. Agree with above statements that games like flower, braid, and LBP should be on the list. Mirror Edge had a nice art direction as well. Honestly you need more than 6 spots.

mastiffchild3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

As this is about artstyle over graphical oomph I'd hace stuck Muramasa and Valkyria Chronicles ion there for sure!

Ecwen the last Metroid(Corruption) pushed the Wii because of great cohesive artstyle and quality, thought out lighting and it would have been great to see these lesser known games(in comparison) getting their due. Even SF4 and, esp imo,BB deserve a mention for their amazing characters, animations and backgrounds in the revitalised fighter market this year before picking out MGS4 and ME-even though they're both great looking games do they really push the art further than the games I've mentioned?

Oh well, just a chance missed,imo, to reward those who made up for lower budgets and platform limitations with invention and talent instead of plain processing power-then we might have seen a more varied list.

mal_tez923594d ago

They have a VERY similar art style and are both very detailed. Uncharted 2 is done better of course, but to ignore it's predecessor just isn't right.

sikbeta3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

1. UC2: AT
2. UC: DF
3. MGS4
4. R: FOM
5. KZ2
6. HS

Lack of artistic knowledge, sorry

Ravage273594d ago

2.Valkyria Chr
4.BlazBlue :D
7.KZ2 (i don't care what others think, i like the gritty atmosphere)
8.Brutal Legend

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baldguy713594d ago

if this was a TOP 7 list then I'd add Assassin's Creed - the 1st time I rounded the ridge and could look out and see the next city I was aww struck by the graphics- looked like a postcard

gameseveryday3594d ago

well i guess the article is about the art and not the graphics, however AC had decent artistic design

Assassin Nawabi3594d ago

i wonder if conviction could topple uncharted come this feb

gameseveryday3594d ago

Sorry even though i love SC, it will not even come close to UC

Assassin Nawabi3594d ago

we shall see...never underestimate ubisoft

Pennywise3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I wonder if we can topple your bubbles by the end of the day ;)

Timesplitter143594d ago

I don't really see that happening

Darkeyes3594d ago

SC:c is looking good, but topping UC2 will be seriously tough not only for SC:c, but any game from now on... The main thing while playing UC2 is the way the game grips you... It's tensed out there, yet the voice acting is beyond phenomenal... The graphics... Well lets leave that topic since it's the best looking game out there, but even the story and multi-player are rock solid... As I said, SC:C would really have to be better than most so called AAA games and dare I say even MGS4 to beat UC2.... I don't see that happening.

As you said, we will se next year, but don't get your hopes too high.

BYE3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Speaking of Ubisoft, I wonder if Conviction will top Haze.

ape0073594d ago

will conviction top uncharted 2??

they are totally different games

sikbeta3594d ago

LOL man

+1 bubble... you deserve it

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baldguy713594d ago

yeah - I really want a PS3 bad so I can play UC2 - game looks intense!!!

Alcon Caper3594d ago

Where's Bioshock, seriously.

gameseveryday3594d ago

agreed Bioshock 2 should have been on the list!

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The story is too old to be commented.