Star Wars: The Old Republic Balmorra Screenshots, Concept Art

Star Wars: The Old Republic's HoloNet just received a new planet profile today. The first look at the world of Balmorra includes new screenshots and concept art.

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EvilCackle3596d ago

I believe the company line on that is, "Old Republic is KOTOR 3, KOTOR 4, KOTOR 5, etc."

Panthers3596d ago

This game is going to be amazing and should take care of the next few KOTOR games. I cant freaking wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QUNE3596d ago

I just started playing KOTOR1. Looking forward to seeing how this MMO develops.

Perjoss3595d ago

"This game is going to be amazing"

I'd love this to be true, but ive said this about too many MMO games in the past, only to see them turn out to be complete turds :(

Just dont get too excited, when it comes to MMO games you should expect the worst, and then IF they are good its a nice surprise :)

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2FootYard3596d ago

Wasn't there a Balmora in Morrowind? I want to play that game again.

EvilCackle3596d ago

Yep. That's the first "big" town you go to, where Caius lives.

Fade_Walker3596d ago

Deep down I still wish I had KOTOR III, but Bioware hasn’t let me down yet. With each screenshot, concept art, or video they release I become more impressed and more eager to play The Old Republic.