Kojima: Zone of the Enders' failure was my fault

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Just days after mentioning that a Zone of Enders sequel was high on his priority list, Kojima has spoken more on the franchise on his blog. Kojima acknowledges that Zone of the Enders 2 was popular amongst fans and the press, but explains that due to a botched release schedule, it garnered less than average sales.

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gauntletpython3595d ago

I wonder if we'll see anyone owning up to the failure of the games pushed back to early 2010 like Kojima did :P

Still, sounds like he really wants to do a sequel. It took him almost 10 years to get a sequel out to the original Metal Gear games, so I have faith he'll stick to his word.

gaffyh3595d ago

I know many people love ZOE, but I am one of the people who don't find it to be a great game. It is however, the only game that is mech-based, that I actually finished. I wouldn't mind a sequel though, would be nice to see how much it improves.


IS one of the best games ever you are a nut case if u dont like that game

gaffyh3595d ago

Yeah it's got good production values, but it's just not my personal preference. Everyone's got an opinion, I prefer MGS from Kojima.

shadowfox3595d ago

Snatcher and Policenauts are my favorite Kojima games :P

sikbeta3595d ago

ZOE a failure, maybe in sales

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shadowfox3595d ago

The games are gonna continue to fail worldwide too unless they change the animu art style.

johnmark19823595d ago

i still own my copy of zone of the enders 2 it was so much better than the first one. it was truly a great game it is deserving of another installment

BlackIceJoe3595d ago

Its to bad ZOE did not sell well but I have hope the next one in the series will do better. Then I want to see Policenauts and Snatcher next.