NBA Live 10 - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: The one area that EA Sports still struggles to remain on top in the sports genre is the NBA. For years the 2K series has flaunted its dominance in the hoops arena staying one step ahead of the game. This year EA took note and continued their trend of excellent improvement into the NBA Live series. NBA Live 10 is by far the most improved and feature-rich entry in the series to date. The improved presentation, on-court action and Dynamic DNA combine to create a title that is poised to once again regain the throne of best basketball game available.

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celldomceen13595d ago

Im a 2k man myself but i think ill give live a look this year.

iceman063595d ago

I agree that the LIVE franchise has come a LONG way in ONE year. However, now that I have tried each one....I am STILL a 2K man. That being said, I think that LIVE is on the way to a great comeback. The graphics and physics of the basketball have made a change for the BEST. AI and player movement off the ball need some help. All in all 2K is still the best simulation of basketball...but LIVE is on it's way back.

samoon3595d ago

OMG dude WTF??!?! I thought I posted that,, thats soo damn freaky!!

We sorta think a bit alike!!!!

samoon3595d ago

To be honest, YES live has made huge strides and have created a much better game than previous years, but based on the demo I still don't see it as a better game than 2k.

Hopefully next year they continue to work at it and make it better, maybe one day they'll make a nba game as good a looking as 2k's.