Mass Effect 2 pre-order and UK date details

EA has released some details of the UK release date and some images of the special pre-order armour you can get for the game.

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-Seven-3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I also have high hopes for Alpha protocol.

MicroSony4Life3592d ago

but I would do Tali in heart beat, that is one sexy alien.

On topic, Mass Effect 2 will be a sleeper hit.

Nihilism3591d ago

i agree, she's one of my permanent party members, and she's in ME2 huzzah!!

she had some of the best abilities, alot of passive power increases: range, damage, duration, whereas the straight biotic equivilant aka kaiden, didn't have as many passive boosts

tech>biotic ( even though some biotic powers were cooler)

R2D23592d ago

Give me a game with lost planet 2 land scape and metal gear game play and I will be a happier gamer.