PSP Gets R-Type Tactics

R-Type Tactics is heading to the PSP, as confirmed by Japanese gaming mag Famitsu.

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_insane_cobra4167d ago

R-Type TACTICS? What the...?

And wasn't R-Type Final supposed to be, you know, final? I guess after all these years Japanese developers still haven't learned the meaning of the word.

Babylonian4167d ago

Take Final Fantasy for instance, after 20 years and down to number XIII it's hard to call it FINAL now, right. Maybe they should call it "Forever Fantasy".

Nah I'm just kidding man. Japanese just like giving games with many iterations the name "final" to probably state that it's the most complete version or something. Heck I don't really know, it's just a name, they could call it beginning or midfall for all I care.

_insane_cobra4167d ago

True, but R-Type Final did end the story, or so I've heard (I actually have the game, but no PS2 to play it on).

Babylonian4165d ago

So that's why I'm commenting so late.

If you say that the story ended with Final then this must be a side story I think.

Armyless4166d ago

This should be interesting. I like the idea though. Sort of like a AD&D side-scrolling shooter???