Ballad of Gay Tony is the Last Piece for Rockstar Games - No More Content for GTAIV

Xbox Evolved writes:
Speaking to GTTV this week, Rockstar's VP of Product Development Jeronimo Barrera said that the upcoming DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV - Ballad of Gay Tony - is indeed the last piece of content for GTAIV. Barrera said, "This is it," and that they are, "Calling it quits," and, "Time we move on."

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ProA0073592d ago

Sad that its coming to an end. GTAIV was great. Good times...goooood times

Blaze9293592d ago

yes...and Ballad of Gay Tony should be great. Go out with a bang. Gonna enjoy parachuting online.

ape0073592d ago

gta IV was\is one of the best games in this gen,countless hours of fun in gta,also TLAD is good,good times with tlad

the ballad of gay tony looks really epic,cause if you take gta 4's gfx,physics immersion and combine it with new gameplay\activities\story\vice city like humor,you'll have a well deserved winner and its name is the ballad of gay tony

characters look awesome,tony prince is a cool dude,yusuf amir is full of personality(hahah,im arab btw :),the main characters looks rough,honest and likable,some also some cool new soundtracks

I really cannot wait for TBOGT,october 29th come fast damnit,it will be released the next next thursday

Persistantthug3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

The PS3 version is going to get announced. I mean, it is GTA afterall.

It's just the way things work this gen. *shrug*

StanLee3592d ago

Didn't some analyst say there would be more DLC coming? I guess Pachter was right, maybe GTAV is around the corner.

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KR1ST0F3R3592d ago

It just seems so sad that millions of gamers will never get the full experience due to "business"

Seems criminal almost.

It would be nice if the episodes were eventually released on ps3, maybe the fact that they were previously unavailable would cause hype and big sales

SoapShoes3592d ago

Millions of gamers with a 360 won't be able to enjoy the full experience either, since a lot sold this game and could care less about it anymore.

Blaze9293592d ago know that makes no sense right? 360 gamers will always be able to enjoy the full experience. He's saying PC/PS3 owners CANT becuase it will NEVER (maybe?) be made for those systems.

Because they sold the game or dont care about it doesnt mean they won't be able to enjoy the full experience.....seriously, wtf?

Even if they sold it, theres Episodes from Liberty city which doesnt require GTAIV and has both Lost and Damned and Gay Tony on one disc

SoapShoes3592d ago

You're right, I should have said millions of 360 owners WON'T get the full experience as opposed to "won't be able to".

zag3592d ago

It'll end up on the PS3, I think the PC already has everything probably some extras the 360 doesn't have.

Seeing as you can play GTAIV at 4000x2020 or TureHD2 Res.

I would say that R* probably won't do a deal again on GTA products with MS as it screwed their product and company name/brand more than what it ever did for MS or the 360.

Anyway, GTAV probably won't be out for a long whilke as R* are currently making another GTA type game but only for PS3.

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Scenarist3592d ago

i would have loved to play the expansions .... .as the die hard GTA fan that I am / (was) ... i dont care too much no more ... im enjoying all the mods on the PC version ... cant wait for a decent total conversion tho.

I respect MS business aslong as it makes them more money than doing otherwise ... not that i care ... i just know that if i was a business i would be doing similair things ... yea id keep the gamer at heart but id keep my money at stomache so to speak

BYE3592d ago

They only had a 2 DLC deal. Time to focus on Agent now.

Blaze9293592d ago

Its not a duh as there were reports of more content coming out (at least two more) for the PS3 and 360 together

StanLee3592d ago

I know. There were reports that there were more DLC expansions on the way. A Rockstar representative was even quoted by some analyst as saying as much.

Saaking3592d ago

Yep, because the much superior PS3 exclusive AGENT is next.

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