Postal Worker Steals Over 2,000 GameFly Games

If you live in the Philadelphia and have had GameFly games go missing on you, Reginald Johnson might be to blame. The former Philadelphia postal worker admitted in court on Thursday that he stole 2,200 GameFly envelopes.

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Cliff Forster3599d ago

Sure, I'm sure you sneak on out of the bag ever couple months nobody is the wiser, but Child Please!! Over two thousand!!

EvilCackle3599d ago

If it's your intention to steal games and play them, snatching one or two over time might be the smart move. In this guy's case, it looks like he wanted to make a lot of money off trade-ins. Still, could've pulled off his plan by stealing a lot less.

ftwrthtx3599d ago

I've had Blu-rays from Blockbuster Online disappear and wondered if a mail man somewhere ended up with them. Now I'm thinking that a mail man probably did end up with them.

cyguration3599d ago

They need to put that stuff in unmarked packages....GameFly wants to get ripped off.

EvilCackle3599d ago

Kind of hard to disguise a DVD though, you know? You could tell just by the feel and size of the package. If GameFly sprang for bigger packages to "hide" their product, it would cost them money. The burden's on the Post Office to root out people that do crap like this.

Carl14123599d ago

The postmen went to work

Royal Mail could learn something from them. I'd rather have a chance of my mail getting stolen than having no chance of it going anywhere

Riddicrash3599d ago

Maybe thats why it doesnt get anywhere, because it does get stolen by postmen, thats why they are going on strike next week, they need time to sort out all the mail theyve stolen :P

Lifendz3599d ago

when I realized I was paying 15 bucks a month to never get the games I really wanted. The shipping time just made it more frustrating.

What I do now is simply buy the game(s) I'd normally rent and then sell them when I'm done on one of the sites that allow you to do that. I usually get close to full price so it's really paying a one month Gamefly fee to have the game for six months.

RememberThe3573599d ago

That is 2200 times gamefly had to try and figure out what went wrong in their shipping process. 2200 time someone didn't get the game they've been waiting for. 2200 time a heart was broken...

Lifendz: Too much work. I get the games I want, and I can buy them for last gen prices. I love GameFly.

BlackTar1873599d ago

I love gamefly i do get that sometimes.

but i got Demon Soul Brutal legend and op flashpoint all sent the day they released you just have to be shady with your queue.

Major_Tom3599d ago

West philidelphia born and raised, where I spent most of my days stealing games.

nnotdead3599d ago

yep. shady or just keep the games with High availability towards the top of your Que. when i send through my mail box they have the fast shipping thing, so Gamefly tends to send the next game the same day as i sent it out.

ambientFLIER3599d ago

How can you be shady with a queue?

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darthv723599d ago

There was a news story (not on n4g) about a postal worker who had stolen over 2000+ netflix movies.

Makes you wonder how often this happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.