My Boyfriend Released by Viva Media

"Like OMG, did he just look over?" Viva Media's new PC game My Boyfriend will make every teenage girl's heart beat just a little bit faster. Flirting, jealousy and dating are the name of the game in Viva Media's new adventure designed for girls.

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Hallucinate3594d ago

ehhh lol? it isnt going to sell

WenisWagon3593d ago

This will be a hit on the PlayStation 3.

FragMnTagM3593d ago

or this is a slow news day. This made it to the front page?

ThatCanadianGuy3593d ago

Great news for corywebb.Now he won't feel so lonely.

Kakihara3593d ago

"Viva Media's new adventure designed for girls" ... but I can still play it, right?

... Not that I want to or anything. When's it released??

SactoGamer3593d ago

It was released the other day.

Kakihara3593d ago

Actually now I think about it, this would make a great Wii game. Just think of all the hands on motion controlled Wiimote fun you could have with this.

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