1UP previews Forza Motorsport 2

With the pre-race tuning finally wrapped up and Forza 2 heading to the starting grid, we slipped behind the wheel for a stint with a near-final version. Like many will do as soon as they get the disc in the drive, we went straight to arcade mode and set up a race of the fastest cars, on the best track, to see what this baby can do what immediately jumped out at me was the fleshing out of the environments around the track. Where before it was all dense forest trackside, now buildings and other structures can be seen, giving the track a more believable sense of realism

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InMyOpinion4587d ago

Seems like is down atm.

freeza4587d ago

why did he have to say something about gthd he just makes him self look stupid.gthd should have never been said in this preview

power of Green 4587d ago

I agree with the well thought out control system in Forza 2 taking advantage of the next-gen control of the 360 controller. I can see pad users holding their against Wheel players.

closedxxx4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

I've been playing the sh*t out of the demo. I can honestly say that the game demo doesn't LOOK UBER-NEXTGENZORZ!!! But, it handles like no other raching game I've ever played. I'm a traditional handheld controller driver since the days of Gran Turismo, but after picking up the wireless racing wheel (WITH force feedback) and getting past the learning curve of adjusting from joystick to steering wheel+gas/brake pedals, I have to say that it's an amazing experience. The feedback this game gives through the wheel is amazing. You can feel the wheel fight as you counter-steer. You can feel the wheel jerk to the side as another car bumps you, and you can feel the force of the wheel straightening out as you try to brake late into a turn. It's added another layer of enjoyment to the racing experience, and although I've turned in my best lap times with the joystick (I'm sure I will match those times with some more wheel practice) I've had the most fun with the wheel.

BrotherSic4587d ago

I think it looks next gen on a HDTV but no as good on a SDTV. Still it looks alot better than the original. I played Forza 1 the other day just to compare and well there was no comparison!

I think i will be posting lap times in a couple of weeks so if anyone wants abit of friendly competition then keep an eye on the forums. Had a good laugh doing a similar thing with Forza 1.

+ i agree with you guys about the control system. The triggers on the pad are real responsive. Does anyone play with manual gears on a controller? I think I am going to learn but not sure how long it would take to get good.

Dareaver14587d ago

You could hold on to a gear and when you exit the turn, just let it rip. Plus, it's like driving a manual car. You gotta keep the revs high and know where you get most of your torque from. That way you have more grunt and a better possible exit. The only game in which manual is nearly impossible is rally games. Those cars rev very quickly and with the constant turns, it's hard to have it in the right gear. But i love manual. You really haven't driven a car in-game or in real life until you drive it manually.