Forza Motorsport 3 reviewed by the french webzine Gamekult

Is Forza Motorsport 3 actually the best car simulation on the console's market ? That's the question Gamekult try to answer through its test.

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creeping judas3600d ago


If this was a PS3 game that got a review less then perfect this thread would be full of
- biased journalists
- ms paid them off
- MS fanboys
- etc......


Tinted Eyes3600d ago

Damage control in the first comment, lol.

Greywulf3600d ago

The game has 8 cars on the track. Forza 2 had 8 cars on the track...

When you look at it feature by Feature, Its Forza 2.5. Sure there are more defined features, but they are the same features that were in Forza2 or in other games at the time of F2's release.

Forza3 got 8's already. As did Forza2.

creeping judas3600d ago

I dont care that Forza3 has 8 player online, or some new features. That wasnt the point? The point was that there aren't rabid fanboys in the thread that gave their precious game a less then perfect score? Where as when uncharted scored anything under 9.5 out of 10, the fanboys were going nuts.