Uncharted 2, More Perfect Scores than Halo 3 and Gears of War

According to Metacritic, Uncharted 2 has already beaten arguably the Xbox 360's best exclusive in terms of the average score, but even in terms of the number of perfect scores it has received.

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gaffyh3592d ago

Love this game, I wanted inFAMOUS to win GOTY before, but now it seems like Uncharted 2 will win it hands down. The only competition now is Modern Warfare 2.

GWAVE3592d ago

This is just my personal opinion/prediction, but I don't think MW2 will live up to the hype. It will sell a TON, but Infinity Ward just seems like they're making the player too much of a super-soldier. Certain review sites will shower it with praise, but my guess is that it will land somewhere between a 90 and 93 on Metacritic.

Oh, and Little Big Planet is also higher-rated than Halo 3 or Gears. MGS4 has the same average as Halo 3 and it is higher-rated than Gears (and besides, we all know Halo 3's high score was very undeserved).

militant073592d ago

halo 3 deserve its score, the most played game on XBL since FALL 2007.

no matter how you bash it, HALO 3 still win.

kwicksandz3592d ago

If anything LBP was overrated as the reviewers didnt experience the horribly broken launch of the game. it wasnt socom bad but it was certainly troublesome.

To this day the online is sketchy at best

StanLee3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

How is this significant? GTAIV has how many perfect scores? Uncharted 2 is far from being a perfect game. A perfect score is only indicative of how much a reviewer has bought into the excitement of a game and then a few month later he's reflective and realizes that, maybe I wasn't objective in reviewing this game. And this goes for all the highly lauded games this gen, not just Uncharted 2 or Halo 3 or GTAIV or Gears of War. I know when I played those games I was awed but a few months later, I played the same game and realize the shallowness of the story, the repetitive gameplay and having been familiar with the title, how little content it offers. That's why so many games this generation are labeled overrated but who "overrated" them in the first place. We did, reviewers did, because in that moment, we aren't being objective, we're relishing the experience.

Edit; Wow, so many disagress. Yay for the immaturity of fanboys.

kapedkrusader3592d ago

...Tetris is probably the most played game ever, but I still wouldn't say it's better than Halo.

LinuxGuru3592d ago

Solitaire is probably the most played game in any form, in the world.

That doesn't mean it provides a better experience than whatever else is out there.

Your logic fails, militant07

Xeoset3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

How did THIS get approved? Yay for fanboy warfare.

£50 for an experience that'll last 2 weeks.
£30 for an experience that has survived 2 years and will continue to until...Halo 4?

Think I'd rather know which I'd rather have, even if I do have to sacrifice a 0.2 average.

Mydays =P


1.4 - I couldn't agree more personally. GTAIV won so many 10/10's and I had to strive to finish it personally. After playing UC1 on my girlfriends PS3, I wasn't too impressed and it got great scores. Guess this is another one of those stories.

gaffyh3592d ago

I wonder what all the Xbox fans would be saying if the title was about an Xbox game beating a PS3 game?

Xbox fans heads seem to be exploding at the idea of this being true, even though it's based 100% on facts. Lol.

Lifendz3592d ago

but it's been surpassed by Uncharted 2. Nothing got stale. The game never got tedious. Last night I had that "I can't put the controller down" moment. Loving the game and I haven't even touched the multi-player yet.

Daver3592d ago

Assassins creed 2 even if you liked it or not is a contender for GOTY

nycredude3592d ago

I love how 360 fans say they played the game or the first one and say they weren't impressed. I wonder what does impress them because I own a 360 and most of the "critically acclaimed" games on it and IMHO not one of them is even close to as impressive as UC1 and UC2.

So to each his own I guess.

Isaac3592d ago

"halo 3 deserve its score"

Not really, it's just a rehash of halo 2 which is also a rehash of halo 1 with online play, which happens to be a rehash of all other FPS that came before. Hell, it didn't invent dual gun wielding nor health re-gen (as if "re-gen" was more realistic anyway).

"the most played game on XBL since FALL 2007. "

That's because most people don't know anything else, not because it's *that* good.

lowcarb3592d ago

They would be acting the same way as ps3 fanboys.

Unicron3592d ago

Why do people care so much about scores? The game is what it is, not because of what number some rando assigns to it.

Harry_Manback3592d ago

I haven't gotten any sleep since Tuesday. The game refuses to let me put the controller down! :)
And I also need to get back to Demon's Souls.

gaffyh3592d ago

@1.13 - Exactly, so they have no right to complain.

@1.14 - Same reason why people care about sales info, graphics comparison and gamesthirst articles.

KingME3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

@gaff... (1.8) - You don't need to wonder, just look into the history, it's not like 360 games haven't beaten PS3 games in the past. No I think you're wrong there, when a PS3 game beats a 360 game PS3 fans go much further overboard than 360 fans do. Keep an eye out next week when the NPD results come out and it shows the PS3 having top billing for September. Every PS3 fanboy on this site will be popping champagne corks and talking plenty of SH!T. No modesty what so ever. Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior.
It's completely unbelievable to me how ANY PS3 fan on this site doesn't think that 85 percent of the sh!t talk in N4G is done by PS3 FANBOYS.

Have you also noticed how the Sony fanboy is starting to get singled out all over the internet of being a bunch of psychos. N4G is just a sampling of what is happening all over the internet. Someone give a Sony product (PS-anything, or game) a low score and the fanboys are calling them bias, and calling their jobs, threatening to do harm to them. Ridiculous!

This story is nothing more than a feel good story by a PS3 website, to give PS3 fanboys a warm fuzzy about Uncharted 2. It wasn't enough to just say how good the game was, it needed to bring Halo 3 and Gears into the fold for a higher fuzzy rating.

Notice it never said anything about first day sales, or sells of the series to this point in comparison to Halo 3 and Gears. You know why, because although that information would be true too, it takes away from the warm fuzzy feeling one gets from hearing good things about Uncharted 2.

I too think Uncharted 2 is a great game, but this story was posted here simply was flame bait.

@below - Damage control for what? I see no damage here, just a bunch of lemmings following a trend.

Edit: I was gonna pick up uncharted 2 and a slim this weekend. Perhaps not, I don't think I want to be part of the PS3 fraternity.

Tinted Eyes3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

D-D-D-D-Damage Control!!!!!!!

I should have specified, not just you, the other 360 fans. But you seem to take this very seriously

ARBitrator3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Dude, you are 100% correct. And although you are correct there is no reasoning with these guys. They will not agree with ANYTHING the says something negative about Sony stuff, no matter how true it is.

I own and PS3, and I rarely play online and it's not because I think XBL is better, it's because these guys can be such pricks, I don't want to be their friends (Kinda like you were speaking about being in that fraternity.) I'm sure there are thousands of great PSe fans out there that are a pleasure to play games with, but the rabit fanboys ruin it for the good one. The same thing applies to the 360 fanboy, although on this site the PS3 fanboy is ten times worst.

Kingme you have 3 bubbles, I think you'll be down to 1 by midnight, there is no reasoning with this guys, they're too immature.

@tinted eyes (above) - they take it too seriously, yet here you are commenting on the subject, because you don't take it too seriously, you're just talking out of your arse because you think it funny right. You're the worst kind of fanboy, one that in denial about being one.

bjornbear3592d ago

Its not a game...its an experience =D And MP is soooo FUUUN O.O had to stop been playing for 4 hours straight =S

The-Warranty3592d ago

Uncharted better than any 360 exclusive confirmed.

Darkeyes3592d ago

What a bunch of hypocrites... All the 360 fanboys doing damage control would do the same thing if a 360 game was so universally acclaimed.

@Arbitrator.... Yours is the dumbest logic I have come across for not playing on PSN... Don't want to play since you don't want to be friends with PS3 fanboys LMAO.

//Rant starts...
And all those complaining about this site being ruled by PS3 fanboys just STFU.. If it hurts you so much, then don't visit the site or create multiple accounts like you do when your bubbles run out so you can show that there are equal no of fanboys from both sites (and hit the disagree button to your hearts content).. Ya there are more PS3 FB here than 360 whatch gonna do eh???? You can't stop people from coming to this site.

And I completely agree with the headline... Infact I have a better headline -"Uncharted 2, More Perfect scores than ANY 360 exclusive till date..." Take that. I have played nearly all the so called 360 AAA titles (most on my PC) and none of them even holds a candle in front of Uncharted 2. Neither Gears nor Halo nor Mass Effect nor L4D.... This is a gen defining gem and I don't care if it sells 2 million in it's lifetime.. It's a game you have to EXPERIENCE to see what the hype is about.. SALEZ SALEZ SALEZ.. Lol ya ODST sold 2 million first day !!! OH sooo good... Don't know how that turns you on, but more than 25 perfect scores is something to brag about.... Uncharted 2.... Gen defining game...
Rant ends//

StanLee3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I'll take the opportunity now to brag about GTAIV's 50 plus perfect scores. I'd also like to take the opportunity to mention that LittleBigPlanet has more perfect scores than Halo 3, Uncharted 2 and Gears of War.

Edit @ Darkeyes

Dude, you can say what you want but fanboys are hypocrites. How can you say Uncharted's and LittleBigPlanet's perfect scores are deserved and Halo 3s and GTAIV's isn't? Shut to hell up you idiotic fanboy.

sikbeta3592d ago

I love Uncharted so much, so I don't need to compare with any other game and neither all of you, Halo has his fanbase, the same with GeOW, but I really hope UC2 be GOTY and not MW2

Megaton3592d ago

...and they didn't have to send out $800 bribe bags to do it. Great work, Naughty Dog.

Darkeyes3592d ago

Ya you can do that all you like.. LBP deserved it cause it brought something new to the table and yes it deserved those scores... GTA was all hype and no show same as ODST. You get perfect scores for just having a brand name and that is what is seen (and frankly remove GTA and Halo tag behind these 2 games and they won't even get a single full score).... And sometimes 800$ goodie bags from M$ also works magic on devs.

And actually speaking, I don't mind you bragging these games... Both are on the PS3 so it's doesn't matter to me much.. I'll still stand by my statement that GTA4 was POS as compared to GTA:SA. Even Saints Row 2 was better IMO.
But I realy recommend you Uncharted 2. I have my opinion cause I have played the games and yes it's the best game I have played this gen... Above Gears (yup I like Gears), MGS4 and Killzone 2... In fact it takes all the elements of above games (Cover from Gears, Cinematic/deep story elements from MGS4 and graphics from KZ2) and tops everyone of them.... It's GOTY and if ANY game wants to win that honor this year, then it has to be something extra ordinary...

beans3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

You sir are spot on. I'm sure this game is great but it's come to my attention that none of these reviews should even be taken serious. All of these sites are just trying to stay in business and not get hammered by Sony trolls which I completely understand. Unicron was also spot on when he said "Why do people care so much about scores? The game is what it is, not because of what number some rando assigns to it." because that all people care about now.

JBaby3433592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Seems a lot of people are upset it's not 2007 anymore while a lot more are glad it's not 2007 anymore. Which group are you in?

ico923592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

uncharted 2 is the 5th highest rated game of all time and the 2nd highest rated exclusive this gen on gamerankings (after mario galaxy) im not sure if halo 3 and gears are in top 50

n4f3592d ago

flaimbait article
second it will win goty anyway
third modern warfare 2 will get in the same range of metacritic
fourth so what?

redsquad3592d ago

Hey "Kingme", you lose.
Look at the threads about UNCHARTED day one sales and see the 360 owners saying "LOL is that all" or "Left for Dead sold more". See that gobsh1te who posted spoilers in multiple threads while adding "LOL" to them because he was so 'clever'.

Don't come with the pretentious high horse act here chum...

mal_tez923592d ago

The fact that GTA IV is the highest rated game ever is proof that review scores aren't that meaningful, both me and my brother got bored of it in less than a week.

Uncharted 2 however I believe does deserve the scores it's getting. Just like Drake's Fortune, it delivers an amazing experience, but this time it is full of epic moments. I don't think any other game has this level of action in it; MGS4 or Half-Life 2 come close, but I said "WHOAH" a lot more times in Uncharted 2.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3592d ago

WTF is IGN talking about?!

I just got the game today and beat the first stealth level on my first try! IGN said the game didn't explain stealth gameplay well enough in the beginning which caused them to mess up a lot WTF?! It was extremely easy to understand the stealth mechanic; stay out of the enemies line-of-sight and melee them from behind. What's hard about that?! It's not like you have to carefully watch how well you blend in with the environment, stay in the shadows and then run up to an enemy press a precise button combo.

IGN took away 0.5 points for a flaw that doesn't even exist.

3XP3592d ago

Man, you nailed it. You are 100 percent correct.

I have a PS3, but I don't play it. If you do decide that you still want one. PM me, I will give you a good deal on the one I have as long as you don't mind brushing the dust off of it.

I stop playing on PSN also, the the reason I stopped is because the dudes on PSN, just don't have the skill like those on XBL...haha

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MetalGearRising3592d ago

Thats true because its way better in graphics and gameplay.
I like ps3 now .

rekonizakilla3592d ago

Did you lose a bet or something?

dredgewalker3592d ago

Good Lordy MGR!! Get a hold of yourself.....were you visited by tall guys wearing a black suit?

dustgavin3592d ago

"Thats true because its way better in graphics and gameplay.
I like ps3 now ."

MetalGearRising - 59 minutes ago

8 -
Uncharted 2 Hyped by Sony and Naughty Dog as being one of the best looking game ever and yet it even fails to move a Million day 1. Even Naughty Dog have been talking sh*t how great uncharted 2 is and the process of what went in to producing this so called game so why does it FAIL at selling WHY. Then you pathetic droids say GOTY my ass its GOTY. Only games that deserve GOTY are the ones that sell Over a MILLION.

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Miraak82 3592d ago

it deserves all the praise it has gotten , its the experience that gears and halo wishes they could be

Sonyslave33592d ago

But it will never match halo3 or gears of wars sales number.

GWAVE3592d ago

And neither Halo nor Gears will ever match the sales of Mario Kart or Wii Fit.

Lulz. See how important sales are?

saint_john_paul_ii3592d ago

i guess wiifit is the greatest video game ever made if you go by sales..NOOOOO.

gaffyh3592d ago

So you don't play games, you play sales?

It's News 4 Gamers, not News 4 Salesman.

W831SOLIDSNAKE3592d ago

And Kias sell more then ferrari, yet that doesn't make them a better're a fool HAHAHA
PS3 is king.

P.S Forza 3 sucks

54percent3592d ago

halo and gears sell more cuz they are for kidz and poor people

kevinx10003592d ago

how's it for poor people? were they cheaper than uncharted? same price here...

gears for kids makes even less sence. too bad you're not allowed to play it yet, but you'd love it!

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Miraak82 3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

that's true... its cause ps3 gamers have options . 80% of xbox games are on ps3 also, plus we have a large array of unmatched exclusives ... so when we go by a game we stumped on which fantastic game to buy .. and from my experience.. every exclusive game I've bought on ps3 has given 100+ hrs of gameplay .... hence why ps3 numbers grow in time compared to those first week sales boost of alot xbox franchises .. plus there is a lot more different types of games on the ps3 side that caters to more then just the shooters and haters :p