250GB PS3 Slim Now Available for Pre-Order

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Just yesterday, SCEA officially announced a stand-alone (not part of a bundle) 250GB PS3 Slim model. This latest PS3 SKU more than doubles the storage capacity over the $299 120GB PS3 Model, and for only $50 more."

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nycredude3596d ago

Sony is rolling! This deal is sweet! I already have a 60gb (320gb) BC fatty but I think I'll treat myself to this for Christmas!

doctorstrange3596d ago

definitely worth buying if you can wait until it comes out

ftwrthtx3596d ago

Nice price for a slim with a big hard drive.

Lifewish3596d ago

Not bad though why is HDD space such a selling point when you can save the 50 bucks, buy the 120gb and then spend 75 or so on a 500gb HDD upgrade?

Anon19743596d ago

The process was amazingly straight forward, but not everyone may be savy enough to upgrade their own drive. This is a nice option for them.

GuCCi5123596d ago

it mainly to compete with the 250GB 360 that is coming with MW2

DoucheVader3596d ago

I think I will just buy me a big HDD.

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