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Maticus3317d ago

Shame about Stargate Worlds.

Unless something big changes, I don't think we'll see that for a long time, and by that time the game will be outdated :(

Malfurion3317d ago

Yeah it's a shame. Had potential. Fingers crossed it pulls through though.

Leord3317d ago

Of all the MMO news, I think that was the saddest :(

Cogo3317d ago

So many MMOs going teh wrong way :P

Millions of dollars invsted to waste :P

AndyA3317d ago

Not looking good, though.

Redrudy3317d ago

Disappointing but it's high risk to invest in an MMO at this time so not entirely unexpected.

Malfurion3317d ago

Before the financial crisis, this game would've been a sure bet. So many fans worldwide.

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Leord3317d ago

The discussion about the creation of the Republic's capital, Croissant (or whatever) was pretty cool, I missed that, thanks :)

Dorjan3317d ago

I have friends who are really looking forward to stargate worlds, although not all hope is lost it does look grim...

thetamer3317d ago

I don't think Stargate World was ever going to do well, it was always riddled with problems, and it was only a matter of time before this announcement was made.

Fyzzu3317d ago

True that. It's been on-and-off for ages; I've been waiting for cancellation news for awhile.

Malfurion3317d ago

The only problems it had were financial ones. Name any others?

Redrudy3317d ago

Veyr very tempted by the eve tester call out but it's such a huge timesink I'm hesistant to go down that road.

Maticus3317d ago

Eve just doesn't appeal to me, DUST will be a must-try for me though!

Malfurion3317d ago

Meh, if you have a console that's fine. Why don't CCP cater to their PC fanbase and make the game for the PC too??