The Motion Controller War - Next-Gen Console War By Any Other Name...

Gamasutra: We are on the verge of console wars phase 2.0. I'm referring specifically to how the big three console makers -- Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo -- are preparing for a three-console motion-sensing controller war. And strangely enough, all three solutions are completely legit. Who could have predicted that five years ago?

Of course, it was Nintendo that fired the shot heard 'round the world. Remember when Nintendo unveiled the "Revolution" back in 2005? Coming off of the missteps the company took with the N64 and GameCube, it was common opinion that the company had officially lost its mind -- psychosis was seemingly confirmed when Nintendo named it "Wii."

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Hellsvacancy3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I wont b givin up my controller in a hurry im a heavy pot smoker so im not the athletic type (except boxin)

ChickeyCantor3596d ago

"Nintendo Wii's sales numbers are declining, and now there's the concern that the company might not be able to hit its Wii unit sales target for this fiscal year"

Wasn't there an article that reads Wii doubled in sales due the price cut?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Yep, like one month ago...

BTW, Natal is not a motion controller, but the Wii-mote and PS3 Sphere are.

Keowrath3596d ago

Console war phase 2?

Oh please! Most of the hardcore gamers AND fanboys couldn't care less about motion controls from what I've read.

It's just Sony and Microsoft wanting a slice of the Nintendo motion controller Pie. Casual gamers aren't going to fork out the kind of money that Natal is rumoured to be. Hardcore Gamers mainly will prefer to use the controller already in place.

Not sure what Sony is going to charge for their version but again I don't see casual gamers forking out the cash for a PS3 + peripheral and the hardcore gamers don't want to be seen dead with the ice cream cone dildo wand (Yes I went there! =p)

As far as I'm concerned, Nintendo can keep the wii-mote and it's audience and I'd prefer Sony spent the money on something else. I would expect most 360 owners to feel the same.

Motion control? I don't care what platform it's on, I'm not a fan.

keysy4203596d ago

sony is lucky alot of people have eye toys already