Eurogamer: Borderlands Hands-On

Halfway into Borderlands' development, Gearbox Software changed everything. A game that started out a dour shower of browns, greys and post-apocalyptic shadows was fed through the Crackdown filter and came out a blaze of SEGA blues, Mario shine yellows and Jet Set cel-shading. The visual rewrite has done more than merely distinguish the game from its nearest rival, Fallout 3. It also accentuates the Mad Max humour of planet Pandora's inhabitants and scenarios, turning grisly headshots into party-popper exclamations while, to be frank, making the world a far more pleasant place to be.

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Kal8533596d ago

Tuesday can't come fast enough. To quote one of the most profound intellects of the 20th century: "Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy".

vShinobi3596d ago

No good exclusives huh?

TooTall193596d ago

You are correct since this is for 360, PS3, and PC. Way to rub it in to the Wii fanatics.