Worthplaying: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

When the original Forza Motorsport arrived on the Xbox in spring 2005, it was met with plenty of skepticism from gamers and press alike. Up to that point, no one else had plans for a racing simulation game on that console because the new Xbox 360 was coming later that year, and most of the serious gearheads had already stuck to Gran Turismo 4 on the PlayStation 2. Others had tried before Polyphony Digital's game hit the scene, and they were rewarded with lukewarm sales for their efforts. No one expected Microsoft's rookie effort to do much better.

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EvilBlackCat3593d ago

Yup burn outs first day from me!!!

Cant wait for my Limited Edition!!!

keysy4203593d ago

i like how you compared i to other games and weren't just over the top. you read some and its like the greatest ever. while it may be great gran 4 was too in a comparison in time. but is the game really ground breaking 400 cars seen that great graphics, this is next gen. I geuss its hard to really get over the top when need for speed up the ainte. gt 1000 cars and 3 games in 1. sure this game will probably be one of the best this gen. but what is in the future. every game in a genre sony has one up mS and strategic moves Ms has 1up sony. so its hard to get excited for this game when sony has a proven record of high scores.but for now im sure forza 3 is the best sim to come out.

MetalGearRising3593d ago

This game looks like forza 2.
I like ps3 now.