Why Gran Turismo PSP Looks So Good


Although many people debate the exclusion of "career mode" in Gran Turismo PSP, it's generally considered one of the best-looking games on the portable console to date.

When you look at some of the static screenshots, though, it can appear rough or "jagged" around the edges (like above), but sure enough – when you play the game or see it in motion it looks much more impressive. Why is that?

Keep reading to find out…

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SnuggleBandit3599d ago

wow i wonder if thats why gt5 looks so good

Maddens Raiders3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

PSP3 since I picked it up at launch.

Every time I sneak away to complete a race or license test, I come to find out that an hour or two have eerily slipped by. I love it. why does it look so good?:

"It’s surprisingly simple: the screen’s image is shifted back and forth by one pixel for each frame."

Ju3598d ago

Its actually a great idea. Interesting that nobody else thought about that before (or I haven't heard about that). AA encoded in a (half)frame. I love that idea. Some creative heads at work here.

SuperM3598d ago

yea its a brilliant idea. however i think its only usefull in games runing at 60fps. If it runs at 30fps you would probably notice it.

Hisiru3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

no career mode makes me sad but still, it is a gran turismo game wich means that I should buy it!

Maddens Raiders3598d ago

on N4G that have bought into and immersed themselves in this series over the years as much as I. I can tell you that the lack of career mode will not hinder your desire or the replayability of this game whatsoever.

It was a smart decision if you ask me - and could've gone either way. With some reviewers pining for the "full GT effect" working up the ladder from scratch and so on while others say that the easier pick up and play will attract more casuals to play the game.

I could just here now the hordes of folks screaming, "who wants to spend hours and hours holding a PSP to work through this epically long career mode..?" So yes I think PD did the right thing with the career mode and getting golds on all your license tests will take you long enough.

I think the latter is true and Kaz did indeed say that GTPSP would be a "differntly structured" GT. Don't forget the interoperability between this version, and GT5 with cars and cash.

Just take GTPSP for what it is. A compliment to the upcoming GT5 release and a casuel/portable way to enjoy GT...although you won't think some of the tests are casual at all. :P

Hisiru3598d ago

I think you're right! Gran Turismo PSP is more like a complement to the GT5 so I can't complain about the lack of career mode. As a huge fan of the franchise I will buy this version because I know that it is totally worth the money.

memots3598d ago

No career is perfect.

When i get on the skytrain here i am only in there for 15 minutes. I don't want a long career mode and menu and tweak. I just want to race a short 3/4 lap race or do some challenge and shutdown my psp.

That is what handheld gaming should be short and casual.

To me Gtpsp is perfect and i love the fact that every car i am collecting will be exported to my gt5. In a way i feel like i am playing a extension to gt5 :)

castdreams3598d ago

That's one of the most brilliant things I think I've seen in a long time! If other devs can get their games running at 60 FPS this means (essentially) free AA which would make PSP games look LOADS better!

slinkey1233598d ago

i actually thought GT PSP looks rubbish.. like seriously its really un polished, it glitches and artifacts all the time. You can see the pixels flicking where different parts of the road are attached lol. Compared to games like motorstorm or god of war, im kinda disapointed. Something tells me polyphony had to rush the game to get it released with the PSP go.

Dont get me wrong its a really fun game, ive been enjoying the nurburgring alot lol.

SuperM3598d ago

you dont have a clue how videogames work do you?

both motorstorm and god of war runs at 30fps. gran turismo runs at 60fps. that means that it renders two images in the time motorstorm renders 1 image. it takes about twice the amount of resources.

slinkey1233597d ago

i know exactly how games work boy.

I own the PSP 1000 so the difference between 60 and 30fps is almost un-noticeable. So imo i would rather they sacrifice the 60fps for perfect graphics. 30fps is always 100% playable anyway.