Nintendo Media Summit: Reggie Speaks

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime spoke earlier today in Seattle of the Wii and DS's successes throughout 2007 with some interesting facts and figures that indicate "early signs of significant market change."

- In Japan in 2007, more than half of software sold were for DS.

- In Japan about 50% of home consoles are found in the living room, with the Wii the percentage is around 75% revealing a greater family orientated focus.

-In France, 15 of the top 15 recently released titles were Nintendo.

-In 2007 the number of females purchasing hardware is up 42%.

-People over the age of 30 purchasing DS is up 127%, over 35 at 212%.

-Around 40% of Wii users have connected to the net.

-3.3mllion virtual console titles have been downloaded since the Wii's release.

-Nintendogs has been in the top 25 in the US for 21 months, Brain age for 21+ months. "Games that appeal to a wider audience can stay on best seller lists indefinitely."

-Nintendo wants to try and expand their dependence on the holiday season as a key selling point – sales for the DS after holidays has been at 49%.

-"We don't consider Sony and Microsoft as our only competitors. We're competing with other leisure time entertainment. If people stay at home and play wii bowling instead of going to the movies, we win."

-Third parties are gradually opening up to Wii, supposedly selling more Wii titles than Nintendo's in-house projects so far.

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anthonsh4753d ago

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption "will reinvent the control scheme for a first person shooter. It's the closest you can get to PC control in a [console] game."

Here is hoping. Then when it does, for the love of *** sell the code to Ubisoft.

ITR4753d ago


RS 2 might have it!

Shaka2K64753d ago

This guy is suck a jerk the biggest prick in the gaming business i wish him the worst.

scarlett_rg4753d ago

And now we know why you have one bubble...

Great comment man. Keep those beauties comin'.

PS360WII4753d ago

Is it just hate for all PR guys? Reggie, Phil, Moore all say the same crap day in and day out. Why? Cuz it's there jobs. I'm pretty sure Reggie isn't the one kicking arse and taking names but Wii and DS certainly are. Those stats I'm not sure where they come from but the paint a very clear picture. I liked the one on competing with all leisure time stuff, I laughed. I'll be intrested to hear what he has to say next.