No Dpad - Super KO Boxing 2 Review: Boxing Made Fun Again

No Dpad:

Glu Mobile has brought some great games to the app store, and Super KO Boxing 2 is no exception. Super KO Boxing 2 is full of personality, humor, and is just plain fun. I can say without a doubt that it is the first boxing game I have really enjoyed playing on my iPod. While other games such as Touch KO, Smack Boxing, Iron Fist Boxing, and Fists of Fury have tried to provide truly fun and unique boxing experience, they have not come close to the uniqueness found in and fun to be had with Super KO Boxing 2. This is why we reviewed Touch KO as a Buy and Super KO Boxing 2 as a Must Have game! By the way, I own and have played each of the games listed above, and Super KO Boxing 2 is by far my favorite. If you are at all inclined to buy a boxing game for your iPhone or iPod Touch, then Super KO Boxing 2 is for you.

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