New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Auto Pilot Revealed by First Cheat Code

A first cheat code for New Super Mario Bros. reveals the auto pilot mode. This mode will give you the possibility to let finish a level by the computer.

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W-k3597d ago

damn all most want a wii ...any one know how much a used one gos for at the local pone shop ? then all my gamecube games might be able to be played on the wii(game cube died)the only one of my old consoles that works is my ps2 Rofl

Ajirikowic3597d ago

Don't buy a used one... Just buy a new one. They are $199. That is pretty cheap. And if you are looking for used Wii's... You probably could find them on Craigslist, but with a much more higher price than buying a new one.

But, unless if you have no money they yeah lol.