Infinity Ward: Console Wars Make Us Angry

NowGamer: Speaking frankly in an exclusive interview with NowGamer, Infinity Ward's creative strategist and all-round good egg, Robert Bowling confessed this week that nothing makes him more mad than petty console feuds.

Speaking in relation to the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 community, he said "I'm pretty vocal. I'm a gamer and I speak with them a lot whether via twitter or the forums and I'm not afraid to let them know when they're just being ridiculous."

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Parapraxis3601d ago

Timed map packs, and BETAs on just one platform don't help show your disdain.
If you dislike the console wars, don't add fuel to the fire maybe?

Delta3601d ago

Yea, nice call out. I'm sure there was some money involved tho.

Hades13373601d ago

In his defence all those dealings were between Activision and Microsoft. The only thing he can do is make sure that the game is identical on all platforms.

Major_Tom3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Um, this is pretty hypocritical when Robert Bowling himself said PS3 was a piece of crap, infact there's irrefutable evidence of him saying so on more than one occasion.

Courtesy of his blog:
***Quote from fourzerotwo:
Way to go Sony. First you release a turd of a console, and if that wasn’t a big enough blow to the gaming community, you start picking on small gaming sites because they undermine your ‘marketing control’ in Europe.

I had a larger rant about the turdiness of the PS3 planned, but its just not worth it.

Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful article by Maddox regarding the downfall of Sony in general, complete with the best paint drawn Turd I’ve ever seen.

***End quote

And also from
***Quote from fourzerotwo:
As for Playstation. No thank you.

There will be absolutely no Playstation product in my game room. That includes PS1, PS2, and ESPECIALLY PS3!! As far as I’m concerning, Sony can eat it. Sorry.

***End Quote

Funny thing is, those pages are now '404' most likely due to conflict of interest.

I wish some one would pay Robert to shut the f*ck up and smile.

Winter47th3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

And Kodick threatening Sony if they don't lower their console price then they'll stop supporting them. Only on the other hand he raises MW2's price in all of Europe and say "So? they'll buy it anyway", hypocritical to the max.

If you signed a deal with the devil, there's nothing you can do to complain much, eh IW.

Parapraxis3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Major_Tom, holy crap, I'm speechless.
Here I thought it was only Gabe (not VALVE as a whole), and Kotick who had their heads up their asses.

Sure money may have been involved between Acti. and MS, but boy oh boy, it doesn't seem like these two from the IW team would have minded the PS3 fanbase getting a little bit shafted.

BabyStomper50003601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

The maddox article he spoke of: http://www.thebestpageinthe...

Funny article btw.

mastiffchild3601d ago

Parapraxs-you're right fella. IW haven't demonstrated anyting other than a favouring of the 360 if you look at their record. Sure it's prolly a financial deal but qwhen you don't treat the platforms equally the reason doesn't matter only the resuling fact that you do favour one side and that leaves you in no position to comment on the futility of the console wars you helped propagate.

Add to that the comments this guy makes about the PS and Sony and the situation looks really murky, doesn't it? Why's he saying this if he hates Sony as much as he does? Also, I don't buy the IW as helpless pawns in all the Activision raising the price of MW2 in the EU eithe-they could have distanced themselves from that move at any timebut CHOSE not to. Why couldn't they? Would Acti drop their cash cow devs? Not a chance and IF IW did throw some weight behind this being unfair then my guess is that it might well change it pretty quickly.

But they didn't and they won't as they're just as big shills as the next Acti published company-and worse this guy just seems like a hypocrite of the highest order while his companies actions have done nothing but add to this console war he dislikes so much-though given what he's said earlier I'm guessing it's only ONE kind of fanboy he dislikes.

IW have been steadily losing face to me of late and that's sad for such a talented bunch of guys and gals. This, however, is pure BS coming from this fella by the looks of it.

bjornbear3601d ago

They make me and many gamers angry too...but you aren't helping the problem eh IW? =/

LiquifiedArt3601d ago

Since Demon's Souls came outta left field i'm more then satisfied. I'm also playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: Master Ninja

then I got...

Ratchet n Clank
Uncharted 2

That is more then sufficient for the rest of the year. If I need an fps fix for a few weeks i'll just go back and enjoy killzone2. Otherwise i'm good for 2009.

Sarcasm3601d ago

It's no surprise that there are still fanboys in the developer community.

But oh well, just as long as MW2 isn't gimped and plays how it's meant to, I think we can just move along.

sikbeta3601d ago

I don't think so, from a business point of view IW always win, maybe I'm wrong since kotick is the puppet master and he make all the deals

jjohan353601d ago

Someone should tell IW and Activision to stop shooting their mouths off and instead release a demo/beta. Let the game speak for itself. So far the game seems like Modern Warfare 1.5 and they're trying to cash in on the hype by not releasing any type of demo.

evrfighter3600d ago

"Let the game speak for itself"

if you want a demo play CoD4.

just pretend that you have different perks and the c130 airship is glitched so it's not working.

MEsoJD3600d ago

I've give a try if anything before I buy. Its going to be pretty hard

to get me off of killzone 2. Well I can always get MW2 for pc.

Daver3600d ago

''anger me because so much effort goes into ensuring the game is the same on each platform''

Hmmmm... it you make any other products than video games in 2 different places will you make it different?

Sure you have to make them identical

IdleLeeSiuLung3600d ago

Robert Bowling said nothing "fanboyish" there. He just criticized the PS3 and MIGHT just prefers another platform. Still that doesn't make him a fanboy.

A fanboy is one who blindly worships another console and refuses to recognize, logically discuss and respect another console!!!

I don't consider myself a fanboy, but I do prefer one experience over the other. For the most part, the biggest reason is the controller. Does that make me a fanboy? Because I'm almost certain we all have a preference which makes us all fanboys here!

ReservoirDog3163600d ago

Yeah, I'd blame most, if not every questionable strategy on activision. From CoDs released every year to timed map packs.

Or and @ IW, your boss makes me angry. You do a good job though.

MegaPowa3600d ago

Now you guys are ragging on him because he hates console wars :/ i mean seriously do you guys like looking like complete idiots who can't shutup about a piece of plastic and metal they own? he has a point. Oh and the only reason the 360 version is supported this much is because it sold more and has way more users online i thought you guys would of realized that already.

Darkfiber3600d ago

You realize that Infinity Ward has absolutely no say in any of the exclusive content or anything like that, right? They are just a developer. Those decisions are made completely by the publisher, in this case being Activision, the most money hungry video game company around. They make Microsoft look like a saint. All Microsoft does is dangle a $1 bill on a fishing line in front of Bobby Kotick and he'll sign anything Microsoft asks for.

I'm glad Infinity Ward are publicly expressing their disdain for the console war stuff even though their hands are tied. They know they can get away with saying pretty much anything they want without outright saying "we hate Activision" and they know they will never be dropped, but honestly I wish they were and found a new publisher who didn't decide to charge ridiculous amounts of money for their games, and maybe then I would actually buy an Infinity Ward game. They are good developers but they unfortunately have the worst publisher in the business, and for that reason I refuse to give them any money.

Megaton3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Major_Tom's quotes were the first thing I thought when I read the title. Robert Bowling saying this means about as much as Gabe Newell saying it. What a hypocritical sacksucker.

NinjaGaidenSigma3600d ago

see a ps3 MW bundle. Why do they show so much love to the 360 throwing betas towards them also?

Shepherd 2143600d ago

Sadly, Activision controls what Infinity Ward does, not Infinity Ward. Timed map packs and Beta's on one console are not their decision. The 5 dollar increase in price for the game is also Activision's decision, not Infinity Ward.

Grow up people, think a little, and stop blaming the ones who deliver you the game because your a little sore in the ass.

Alvadr3600d ago

'We dislike console wars, but we will happily get paid to do exclusive work on one platform and shaft the other'

Nice one Infinity Ward, you have just gone down a peg in my books you frikken hypocrites.

Besides, console wars are good for multisystem owners like myself. The customer always wins.

likedamaster3600d ago

I might agree that console wars are petty but anyone really take this guy serious? Dude's a clown.

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MainEv3nt 693601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

ya they hate fanboys yet 1 month until release and not even a screen shot has been released of the PS3 and PC version

JeffGUNZ3601d ago

If it runs identical on either platform, who cares which screenshot they show? I am sure the money Microsoft is throwing at Activision is making Activision push it more for the 360. If that's not the case, then who cares? IW knows the 360 is going to bring the majority of console sales for this game. The pre-order charts for america are triple for 360 to PS3. IW is appealing to the larger target audience. The game is going to run the same, who cares what system they are showing it for?

bjornbear3601d ago

Ehm...sorry but the 360 and PS3 version might come out identical, but the PC version should look far better maxed out, and being a PC initiated franchise, they ought to be showing some PC lovin' at least =/

Hell-Reaver3601d ago

even the video they put up on the psn store for MW2 was the 360's footage as they just greyed out the buttons on the screen, so you couldn't see them.

what a joke....i too am leaning towards not getting it from all the bs going on. I even have both consoles, so i could get the *best* copy but i would get it on ps3 anyways, as i use it and like it the most.

sikbeta3601d ago

"ya they hate fanboys yet 1 month until release and not even a screen shot has been released of the PS3 and PC version"

maybe they don't want to feed the fanboys

aaronisbla3600d ago

only reason why there are more pre orders for the 360 version is because of all the great games available at this moment and to come in the next few weeks on the ps3.

Its not a dig on the 360, but its the truth. But id like to see this proof of pre orders being 3 - 1 for 360-ps3

likedamaster3600d ago


Uh... nothing different but the higher res. Seriously, I have both and don't see the benefit of playing on PC over 360/PS3 other than kb+m.

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dale13601d ago

cod4 and 5 i own, don,t know about 6,mags becoming my must have title for online shooter having played the beta for a couple of weeks i think this game already offers more features in terms of game play.cod6 will be great no doubt about that but its only a clone of 4 and 5,been there done that.

Kiroe3601d ago

"The console wars really anger me because so much effort goes into ensuring the game is the same on each platform."

Lets hope this is true because COD4 (Infinity Ward) and COD:WaW (Treyarch) have had lower resolution textures on the PlayStation 3. But I am sure that they have spent the extra time on this AAA title to ensure they are equals.

11-10-09 can't come soon enough.

edhe3600d ago

If a company like IW can't get performance parity on both platforms, doesn't that means something?

Let's see what mw2 brings.

roybatty3601d ago

Dan Howdle
I’m Games Editor for, but also write for X360, Play, Games™, 360,...

...well that fanboy is loving this flame bait article. A 360 fan boy through and through.

darkequitus3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Yes, but did he not lambasted ODST last month?

Not quite a 360 fanboy through and through as you suggest.

kwyjibo3600d ago

Roy, you are a ignorant imbecile. There's no need to mince those words, because it's the truth.

Not only does the poster above point out that he is the guy who lambasted ODST. You even quote the publications he works for, including the longest running Playstation magazine in the UK - Play.

So he works for 2 360 mags too - is that massive bias? No it isn't, and your stupidity shines through. Howdle works across ALL gaming publications from Imagine Publishing. That's not bias, you f&cking idiot.

aaronisbla3600d ago

if he's a fanboy in your eyes, id hate to actually see one. Its damn silly that you think the man is a fanboy just because he works on mags featuring the 360.

Stop acting like what you accused the man of Roybatty