Miyamoto talks WiiHD, Zelda Super Guide, 2D gaming, and more

Nintendo Dpad:
"Miyamoto had a roundtable discussing many topics regarding Nintendo, and we have included a break down of what was talked about today in New York at the event including WiiHD, Zelda Super Guide, an online Mario game, Wii achievements, etc."

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ndpad5384d ago

WiiHD would be nice, but a Mario online game? How would they even do that?

Parapraxis5384d ago

Something like LBP maybe?
A level creator for a Mario game would be epic. Even a very simple one.
One can dream.

Online co-op for NSMBW could be done though ;)

hardmetal5384d ago

Wii HD is coming in 2011 and the first game to be in HD is the next Zelda.


MEsoJD5384d ago

dont worry they'll find a way to exploit mario even more. They've been

doing it for years. Maybe a mario cooking game??? Good I don't have a

wii. : p

darthv725384d ago

The ati chip in the wii is capable of higher display resolutions. They have it locked lower to reduce overhead and latency issues (so I have been told). I am sure nintendo has toyed with the idea of opening it up to at least 720p. Maybe even 640p if they cant get it stable. It would be better than 480p right now.

If the 360 can have expanded resolution support via a fw update, what is keeping the wii from doing the same?

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Yoshiii5384d ago

just bring out wii hd already.

Parapraxis5384d ago

I'm betting that WiiHD will be an add-on for Wii.
Not sure of how the technical workings would figure out, but it seems as though Nintendo has had such success with peripherals this gen and such a huge market penetration, if they could sell an add-on for 99$ that would deliver TrueHD graphics and upscale current Wii games they would make a mint.

ndpad5384d ago

$100 dollar add-on for HD? I'd bite seeing as it would be worth it.
I don't know how they could implement that, but an add-on could work.

Parapraxis5384d ago

It's a very big IF.

Some games IMO don't need the HD treatment and already look great. Metroid Prime Corruption, Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. Wii all look fantastic.
But of course, it would be welcome.

ndpad5384d ago

I think it would be welcome more for third parties who seem to not know what they are doing on the Wii. :)

execution175384d ago

i hope they do come out with an addon for the wii, 480p games on a 42inch tv isn't so great:(

Goomba125384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

I have a 'Wii' preset on my 42 incher I programmed. Going with default settings or settings for your Xbox or Ps3 are not going to help matters much.

koehler835384d ago

When Uncharted 2 comes out and every now and then makes you stop in your tracks, turn your camera 360 degrees on both axes and stare at how jaw-droppingly detailed the environments are, that's an experience. It's an experience hinged on 'pretty graphics' Miyamoto seems quick to dismiss.

qface645384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

i play uncharted 2 to play the game not to look at how pretty it is
yeah it looks great but so? its not like its making the game any funner
just saying

koehler835384d ago

The two aren't mutually exclusive and neither need be sacrificed for the good of the other.

Unless you're developing on Wii.

ChickeyCantor5384d ago

He is not dismissing,
"But what I don't think is necessarily true"
This line implies he thinks its not always the case.

Like he said, they will make use of the available hardware.

Seferoth755384d ago

You are the greatest example of why HD doesnt matter. You talk about Uncharted 2. What about all the other HD games over the last 3 years? Oh thats right you forgot all about them, but most Nintendo fans are still talking about Galaxies almost 2 years later.

Obviously graphics do not make the game or you'd still be talking about Killzone, resistance and all the other HD games that look good that you forgot about already because their gameplay wasnt up

5384d ago
Bodyboarder_VGamer5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

I agree with Killzone 2. I am playing the game for a second time on elite difficulty and the game's a piece of crap(all for the gold trophy!). It is very generic and boring, sorry.(sorry to the bubble the PS3 fanboys are gonna kill if they read my comment) ;_;

But Resistance it's awesome man!

And I agree that gameplay > graphics but sometimes graphics help to make better gameplay too. Or do you think that a game like "Mario Galaxy" could have been possible on the N64?

Shnazzyone5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

No he's not stupid actually he is expressing his opinion with a valid argument. Wii titles are fun to play years after their release. Meanwhile all the sony kids abandon their last game almost immediately. I doubt any of the kids who troll wii articles are still playing killzone 2 after months of systematically bubble popping any naysayers on the title. Now it's gone from killzone 2 and MGS 4 to Uncharted 2 and Grand Turismo 5. I am highly impressed by uncharted 2 and say that will go for a while. But will you still be talking about Uncharted 2 in 2 years? I doubt it.

Meanwhile I like playing through galaxy infinitely. It is a defining title of this generation. All without needing to go 1080 p with so much detail you jizz all over your high def TV out of love for it.

PirateThom5384d ago

Or, more likely, Wii owners talk about Galaxy still because they haven't had a game since then worth talking about.

Shnazzyone5384d ago

Still got more quality exclusive titles then PS3 has and we will have more quality exclusives coming to wii then ps3 and 360 combined. Perhaps even more AAA titles then all the AAA titles coming to both the systems including the non-exclusive ones.

Your just on your period aren't you Pirate?

PirateThom5384d ago (Edited 5384d ago )

PS3 - 5 Exclusives rated 90 or above
360 - 4
Wii - 5 (and that's being generous with Metroid Prime Trilogy and Twilight Princess)

Shnazzyone5384d ago

Thanks for proving my point.

asdr3wsfas5384d ago

If your comment about uncharted 2 was true then no one would own a console as most games on it look better on pc. Higher res, better AA, better textures - you name it.

I own a ps3. I'm skipping uncharted 2 for boom blox. To each his own.

Smacktard5384d ago


So games are only worth playing if they're rated 90 and above? Why not at least 85 and above? Personally I'd say "80 and above", for the most part.

RockmanII75383d ago

I personally try to shop 89 and above, but if a highly anticipated sequal is coming out, I will usually buy the game before it. Regardless of rank.

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