Uncharted 2 or Brutal Legend?

TheGuardian: Planning on buying a new release this weekend? If so which one? For PS3 owners it's a no-brainer. Uncharted 2 is out and is easily the finest exclusive title yet for the format. Buy it and wonder why all PS3 games can't look this good.

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MartyMcFly883600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

It isn't even a story! If you want a true faceoff, check out Alternative Magazine Online's one here:

zeeshan3600d ago

Water or beer? :D I know that's extremely sujective to a lot of people :)

bpac1234567893600d ago

I bought Uncharted 2 tuesday and havn't been able to play it yet because of college. It's sitting under my bed right now teasing me. I could play it on my friends ps3. But i refuse to play uncharted's single player without a full hdtv and surround sound(till i at least beat it once). I know I'm spoiled but anything less seems like an injustice.

GWAVE3600d ago

Ummmm, the caveat to this comparison is that there is only one console which allows you to play both. So...PS3 wins again. It reminds me of those "inFamous vs Prototype" arguments earlier this year, and then everyone realized at once "Wait a minute. PS3 owners can play BOTH. PS3 wins."

nycredude3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Well I chose both, AND Demon's Souls, and Rachet and Clank Future (soon). Toysrus buy 2 get 1 free for the win!!!!!

@Tony P

Are you serious? 97% on Metacritic. Praise from everyone and not one single negative review to be found. Everyone in the industry going gaga over it and you need to see how much your friends like it first? How about trying it and seeing how YOU like it cause you will be playing it, not your "friends".

Tony P3600d ago

Zero interest in Brütal Legend. Some interest in Uncharted 2, but I'll probably wait and see how my friend likes it.

gaffyh3600d ago

@Tony P - Think about how possibly awesome any game could be. You got that in your mind? Now multiply by 1000, and it is what Uncharted 2 is like. You're friend will be singing it's praises when he gets the game.

joydestroy3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

i picked up Uncharted 2 yesterday and it's hands down amazing.
Gamestop is running a trade in special though where you can trade in 2 games off of a list they have and get Brutal Legend or Need For Speed Shift for 20 bucks. going back this weekend and getting NFS Shift lol.

here it is...

NicCageMYHero3600d ago

You hide videogames under your bed too?

Ravage273600d ago

but really, i wish all games looks as good as UC2. Especially those mountain levels,absolutely jaw-dropping! o.0

HighDefinition3600d ago

But Uncharted 2 is way up there on my favorite of all time list.

mabreu3600d ago

I would still pick Uncharted 2. Demon Souls sounds promising but I'm unable to try it since it is sold and rented out everywhere in NYC. Brutal Legend does not even come close to the quality of these two games. Trust me.

Blaster_Master3600d ago


I just beat Uncharted 2 and replayed it on the same difficulty. It gives you the option to take the next gen filter off, and I must say, the game still looks better then 90% of the games even without the HD. Your doing yourself a big unjustice by not playing it just because it wont be in HD. The game really is bad ass and fun.

Tony P3600d ago

@nycredude: I don't see what's wrong with researching. Or seeking the one opinion of the guy I grew up playing games with. I wish ND had had a SP demo. I'd have made that choice already.

@gaffyh: I don't doubt it looks amazing, man. What can I say though? I have eclectic tastes. High scores say this much: I won't hate it.

Sarcasm3600d ago

"Some interest in Uncharted 2, but I'll probably wait and see how my friend likes it. "

Hey your friends said that jumping off a 30 story building is fun, now that they approved you should do the same.

And by now I thought people would try to think for themselves. If the entire gaming internet media and gaming community is going gaga over Uncharted 2, all you have is "some interest."

I rest my case.

gaffyh3600d ago

@1.15 - I'm not talking about the looks of the game :), just wait until you get your friends view on it.

Tony P3600d ago

@Sarcasm: Researching =/= slave to opinions. Getting a friend's opinion is no different from reading a review or chasing scores. And it shouldn't need to be said, but high scores don't necessitate an automatic orgasm. Not in my case at least.

"And by now I thought people would try to think for themselves. If the entire gaming internet media and gaming community is going gaga over Uncharted 2, all you have is "some interest."

I hope that's that famous sarcasm. Do I really have to point out the irony?

Darkstorn3600d ago

I was about to get Brutal Legend instead of Uncharted 2 (I have a PS3 :D), but I caved and got both with the Toys R Us deal.

Venomish3600d ago

how many times is uncharted 2 better than brutal legneds?

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Insomnia_843600d ago

This is stupid!!
Uncharted 2 obviously, if you own only a 360, you got no other choice but get Brutal Legend.

Venomish3600d ago

exactly , these comparisons (a ps3 exclusive vs. a multi) are geared towards xbox fanboys so that they don't feel left out. some media worked their ass off to show that having prototype is enough and you don't need infamous.
probably same thing is happening with U2 vs BL
and will probably happen with God of War 3 vs. Danete's Inferno

notices that for ps3 onwers don't need that comparison because they will get the better game. but xbox fanboys need it.

darkequitus3600d ago

If you have a bacterial problem or dirty water in a desert,silver

Johnny Rotten3600d ago

Uncharted for sure. Brutal legend and Demons Souls are both $70 whereas Uncharted is only $60 here in Canada.

Rifle-Man3600d ago

I was shocked when I went to pick up Uncharted 2 that it was only $60.

Nice surprise.

Antan3600d ago

After literally one minute on U2.....i had to pick my jaw up! Staggeringly beautiful! And im ONLY at the part where im hanging from the train!!!! The texture detail is just insane, especially the mountains, coupled with the depth of field, i can`t recall an opening quite as stunning as this! Back to it!