BioWare: We aren't holding back with Dragon Age

Mike Laidlaw tells us that Dragon Age is the result of BioWare not holding back after the lesbian sex scene controversy in Mass Effect.

When asked if the negative mass media coverage encouraged the team to go into more adult areas of gaming content he had this to say:

"That's an interesting way to look at it and I'd say that's about right. There wasn't any notion on the team to make specifically mature content, instead let's not hold ourselves back," Explained the Lead Designer.

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Nihilism3600d ago

for once a game gets hyped around release time, instead of 12 months pre maturely ala starcraft 2, not long now, can't wait

Mr Scooch3600d ago

Although, the fact that this game hasn't been that hyped until the last few weeks kinda makes me think one of two things..... Either it's gonna be put back to 2010 or it's not as good as people are making out!

I really can't wait for it to come out!!!

Nihilism3600d ago

i respectfully disagree, i wasn't hyped at all about it. I saw the in-game-engine trailers and thought it looked like crap and that it was a cheap lotr rip off, and as time went on i saw trailers of the pc version, and now i'm more hyped for this than mass effect 2 ( and i'm really hyped for that), the graphics look really cool, most of the skills and leveling up systems have been revealed and it looks to be amazing. They have free dlc etc with the game too, not too shabby

Tony P3600d ago

This old Bioware fan has been hyped since it was announced. I think the only thing I don't like is having to learn a new setting. It's a personal bias.

I would have rather they stuck with D&D because I already know the workings. And once you've read a hundred or so fantasy concepts, you've pretty much read them all. The youngest race of humans has great potential, elves are the wise old race at one with nature, dwarves like rocks and gems, gnomes invent stuff...blah blah blah.

Still, I'm more pumped for this than any other RPG released this gen.