No God of War III EU Demo in 2009

It has today been revealed that a God of War III demo will not be available for download to the European public in 2009.

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TheDeadMetalhead3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Then make a japanese PSN account and download it from Japan's PSN store. Come on, it's not rocket-science people. :P

mastiffchild3599d ago

Not for us maybe but how many people do you think will do that, or even know you can outside of us on here? Also, it's not reallythe point, is it?

Japan gets this and SCEA gets the upgraded PS2 package THIS year while yet again SCEE consumers get didly. It's just another case of Sony not giving a fu£k about Europe or their loyal customers there.

Besides what use is a Japanese damo to most people? Yes, we 'd get to see what the game looks and plays like but I think it's going to be a bit mad with a Japanese Kratos-even the Y3 demo(which I loved)you didn't have much of a clue what was going on even if it, y'know, sounded right. Maybe I've just had enough of always being last in the line for Sony/PSN stuff when we pay more for games in general(and always more than the US)and definitely payed more for our PS3s in the first place.

Even Live here lags behind what you get in the US but SCEE are in a league of their own for leaving their customers behind or in the dark.

mjolliffe3599d ago

Its only available on the Japanese store via a code from the inFamous pack.

nix3599d ago

ah.. i'll be happy playing GOW 1/2 remastered version on PS3. no point playing a short demo. you'll be pissed because you want more.

Hellsvacancy3599d ago

Not that much of a big deal - i dont need a demo 2 tell me how epic/great GOW 3 is gonna b

I ony tend 2 play demos 4 games that im unsure of buyin

OhNoez3598d ago

Good thing you can at least buy God of War Collection US IMPORT with no problem here in €U.

Raf1k13598d ago

Isn't the GoW Collection also coming to EU later than other regions?
I seem to remember some site mentioning it a little while back.

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KazumaKiryu3599d ago

No need to play a demo when I know this game will be fantastic ;)

Saaking3598d ago

That's not good, but can't you just make a jap account?

Arsenal4Ever3598d ago

lol SCEE strikes again. I wish that Sony loses the foothold in EU completely just because of these reasons. They make NO effort for EU customers what so ever.

Elvfam5113598d ago

lol Arsenal4Ever strikes again. I wish that Arsenal4Ever loses bubbles in N4G completely just because of the above reason. Arsenal4Ever makes NO effort for N4G what so ever.

I'm just joking

ZombieAutopsy3598d ago

yes they should loose their foothold over a demo and a remastered ps2 game /sarcasm

Arsenal4Ever3598d ago

its not just the demo and remastered PS2 game. Look at SCEE since the PS3 released and you'll understand what I mean.

ZombieAutopsy3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

"I wish that Sony loses the foothold in EU completely JUST BECAUSE OF THESE REASONS"

is what you said, not saying its fair but you can easily make US or Jap accounts and import games.

Arsenal4Ever3598d ago

I have a US and JPN account. Still cant get the GOW 3 demo through the required infamous code I believe for JPN... USA get the demo from the PS2 Collection... so i could import that I guess

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Roper3163598d ago

EU has the vidzone which the US doesn't have, it also has the play tv that the US doesn't have. You have free dynamic themes ( Wipeout & Motorstorm ) Us doesn't have any for free. You also get some demos and games before us as well. So it is the same in all regions as far as getting stuff and not getting stuff.

kwicksandz3598d ago

fluff like themes and a music video app that is replicated by going to youtube hardly compares to the content of the US ps store.

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