TheSixthAxis: Forza Motorsport 3 Review

TheSixthAxis writes: "Forza Motorsport 3's a no-brainer – if you've got the faintest interest in racing games then you'll either have this on pre-order or you'll be wondering around your house looking for things to sell in order to buy yourself an Xbox 360 just to play it on, such is the weight and gravitas of what Turn 10 have managed to achieve as we surely reach the zenith of the console's technical and visual grunt. Of course, the delay of Gran Turismo 5 hasn't done Microsoft any harm but Forza 3 didn't need any feigned assistance – the game is a breathtakingly complete simulation packed with more tracks and cars than any other current-gen console title and absolutely deserves every sale it gets. But there's been a raft of racing games this year and they've all scored highly on TheSixthAxis – thankfully Forza 3 still manages to stand tall amongst the crowd and, if you'll permit me this morning, I'll tell you why."

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JokesOnYou3595d ago

Has this site always been multi-plat?, I thought thesixthaxis was a playstation site? since when did they start reviewing 360 games, or am I confusing them with another ps site? ahh well anyway great score, all these great scores just making the next week drag on. I haven't bothered with a racer for awhile, this should keep me busy through the holidays, well this and MW2.


JackBNimble3595d ago

Very few games if any deserve a perfcet score, and this one doesn't deserve 10/10.

To score a game perfect would suggest that there are NO FLAWS what so ever, and I know there are flaws with this game no matter how small or insignificant they may be.

TheBand1t3595d ago

10/10 means the game was 'exceptional', not perfect.

JOLLY13595d ago

Every game has flaws, especially 3d games. No game is flawless. There are glitches in every game you have ever played. What 10 means is that you have never played a game in this genre that is as good as this. That is why 10's constantly change. If gt gets 10's next year that means that it is on par or better than Forza, to that reviewer. I write game is flawless.

StanLee3595d ago

More perfect scores to overinflate the expectations of games and rile fanboys on both sides.

The 13595d ago

Bubbles for Turn 10 Studios, JokesOnYou & TheBand1t.

What is JackBNimble talking about has he even played the game? Probably not.

Great score.

JackBNimble3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Are you kidding me?
A perfect score should refect perfection, and your reasoning for this score is just plain stupid.
The game maybe exceptional but it's not perfect,so in my opinion it doesn't deserve a perfect score.

Knghtz3595d ago

Being wrong is one thing. But being wrong and then being derogatory towards those who are right makes you look worse.

JackBNimble3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Well I wasn't trying to be derogatory, and I think that's a bit of an exaggeration but I will rephrase what I said anyway.

"I think your reasoning (@Bandit) for this score makes NO SENCE, and here is why"!

Graphics: The cars look incredible, the tracks sumptuous and the frame rate’s locked at 60. Sure, Forza’s lacking the visual styling of DiRT or Shift, but it’s easily the best looking simulation available: 9/10

Sound: Some of the cars sound real – the engines are frequently pitch perfect – but the overall effect is dampened by weak collision noises: 8/10

Gameplay: Forza 3’s great fun to drive (at all levels) and offers a real challenge backed up with solid online play – there’s a solid game here and it’s enjoyable from start to finish: 9/10

Overall: Probably the best racing game I’ve ever played. It’s not perfect, but it’s so good anything less than our highest available score just wouldn’t be fitting. An absolute treat.


Even the reviewer scored the game in every category under 10 as you can see 26/30 = 86.658% , so how can anyone give scores like this and then say it's 10/10?

Get what I'm saying yet or what?

Game score is 8.7/10 from this reviewer, these are his own scores not mine.And not even once did I trash this game or say that it wasn't good, just to be clear.

TheBand1t3595d ago

To put it in perspective Jack:

Uncharted 2 wasn't perfect but I felt it deserved every 10 it got.

JackBNimble3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

NO, I think I put it into perspective.

Uncharted2 got a few wacky reviews, I think it was PSX mag gave it 21/20 , I thought that score was plain rediculous.A few others gave it perfect scores aswell, I personally would give it a 9/10 or maybe 9.5/10.

The point is , the way reviewers are scoring games is inconsistent and they don't seem to have a true baseline that they work with.When you have obvious flaws and you take points off for thoughs flaws, you can't just turn around and say " well I still like the game so much I will give it 100%".It makes the industry look like a joke when scores turn into personal opinions.

Games should be scored on categories like the way this reviewer did it ,i.e ....
2)Game play
Or what ever else you're scoring the game on.
You score each category and add it up ,when you're done you have the true score .But once you get your score you can't just throw it out the window and give it 100% if that isn't the score you came up with.

By the way, this is not about the platform the game is played on either.

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Turn 10 Studios3595d ago

CRY MOAR Last Place console Owners

JackBNimble3595d ago

Why would we cry, I don't know any PS3 owner who would want this game, and you'll be the one crying when GT5 destroys FM3.

You'll also be crying a year from now when the 360 is in last place.M$ better get out quick and start the next GEN soon so they can try to claim victory over the PS3 now, because your year headstart ain't gonna save the 360.

JOLLY13595d ago

So they will will sell, roughly 500,000 more a month? Wow, someone is bad at math!

Greywulf3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

The graphics of forza suck.
The game is the same as 2.
The last game was "AAA" with the same lame gameplay and terrible graphics.

Wake me up when forza manages to establish itself an audience more than need for speed games, then we will talk about trying to top Gran Turismo 5's demo, then we might talk about GT5.

But seeing as how F3 was trumped in a F3 vs F2 comparison, It missed step 1.

Forza is a good series, it always has been. But theres no reason anyone is going to buy it over Gran Turismo. They are going for two different things. Forza is for the community that loves painting the cars, and the online setup. Gran Turismo is for people that love the car porn & physics, enjoying drives & cutting down laptimes. Pretty much what all car simulations are about. Perfecting the object your simulating(car), and having it behave realistically.There was never a problem of approachability, because if you have no interest in the way to control a vehicle. You don't buy a sim. Luckily 50 million in sales suggests there are enough people that care about driving enough to buy the sim. GT cares to replicate vehicles down to the spoilers/suspension/driver interaction/trim levels. And I appreciate the game for that eye on reality. I doubt I'd buy a f430 ferrari in real life, and paint iron man on the side. But its sweet for a game option. The thing is GT isn't trying to be that. Its trying to be a day driving a great car, which people fantasize about.

If you can give credit for Forza's strengths, you have to give credit for GT's strengths. And even more so after Turn10 bragged about GT's strengths and tried to throw PD under the bus, then failed to hit the mark.

Bots cant give out any credit to anything. Which is understandable, you guys blew money on a console that can't push out 9 cars or a high resolution car model while you race. But stop pretending F3 getting great scores is anything different from F2. Hardly any of the bots bought F2 to consider it as some massive franchise with its attachment rate. Prologue nearly sold 4 million copies with a smaller PS3 audience.

Forza is as big as L4D, or Fable. You don't see either of those developers boasting at the level Turn10 is. They haven't qualified. Not exactly legendary here folks. The same exact comments were said for F2 "ITS THE BEST GAME" yet, Turn10 still has to try to fight with Gran Turismo? Why do you think that is. It technically already won with F1&2.


Fact is this..

Forza needs to qualify itself in the shadow of GT.

GT qualifies to Polyphony Digital & the car enthusiasm community outside of the gaming world as well.

Bots will say Forza is the best, droids will say GT is the best. Kinda the way it is. I'd gladly get forza as I have in the past -- if they unlock the G25 --. I'm not spending 300 for a wheel. So I'm gunna have to wait it out.

ambientFLIER3595d ago

greywulf - If you honestly think that anybody is going to read 10 paragraphs of your garbage, you are sadly mistaken. Well, ok, maybe the xbox haters will...

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Projekt7tuning3595d ago

I cant wait for this to come out. I race in the SCCA, and I swear Forza and the GT series has helped my racing techniques in real life. Its funny how people like Jack Thompson never give games like these credit for the positive effect they may have on people. His short sightedness can only focus one what he believes to be "Murder Simulators". I bet there are a lot of people who have learned about the sport, and have learned to drive somewhat better. Anyway good time to be a gamer.

green3595d ago

Racing games are my best genre so it comes as no surprise that Forza 3 is my most anticipated game of the year.Just 8 days left.

MetalGearRising3595d ago

Forza 3 looks like forza 2.
I like ps3 now.

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