Shacknews: What Resistance 3 Could Learn From Two

Shacknews writes: "Back when the PlayStation 3 launched in 2006, I went home with two games--Resistance: Fall of Man and Ridge Racer 7. I'd actually been able to beat Resistance and publish my review before its release, but I still wanted a copy for myself.

That's how much I liked Insomniac's alternate history shooter, which saw the England of 1951 besieged by the alien-esque Chimera. That purchase turned out to be a good call, as I've played through the campaign a few more times since then."

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Delta3596d ago

I hope they Make the MP a little more like Resistance 1's
I really hope they bring back they Co-op with alot more content. I loved the Co-op for R2.

Keowrath3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Fully agree with the article. Resistance 1 is probably my favourite FPS on the PS3. I got Resistance 2 for my birthday in March and I'm still only on the 3rd level.

Bring back the weapon wheel and 2 player couch co-op campaign and I'll be happy.

callahan093596d ago

How to have the best class-based co-op campaign in the history of videogames? That's what it can learn.

mistajeff3596d ago

"Instead of tempting me to be creative with multiple approaches to a given situation, much of Resistance 2 felt like an experiment in trial and error to find that one correct approach. Worse, numerous areas featured one-hit kills that forced me to replay a section over and over until I had it memorized."

That's definitely my biggest gripe. They should DEFINITELY let you carry all the weapons you want this time. The first game let you pick the best tool for the job, but with 2 it was trial-and-error until you found that conveniently placed rocket launcher you were supposed to find 5 deaths ago. Not that it wasn't a good game, but there were certain design choices that held the campaign back from greatness. The co-op was fantastic though, the only co-op I enjoy more than that is Uncharted 2.

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