Mass Effect 2 on PS3? Bioware says: "probably"

Watamaniuk mentioned during the presentation at this year's Poznan Game Arena (polish gaming expo), as much as 3 platform targets for Mass Effect 2. These were Xbox 360, PC, and "probably PS3". After a moment he understood what he said and retreated from earlier statements, saying he doesn't comment on rumors and speculation.

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Delta3596d ago

It's not confirmation but Everyone knows it will come to PS3 (Eventually)

3596d ago
Major_Tom3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The First Mass Effect was a turd?

Wow you really are totally clueless and a fanboy. Stop drinking the kool-aids.

Delta3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Whats up ur butt?
Mass Effect is great.
I think the story was just to complex for you. LOL

Darkeyes3596d ago

Lol ya confirmed... ME was an awesome game... In fact this and Gears are probably the only franchises I want to see on the PS3 from the 360... This was bound to happen eventually as it's EA in control....

josuttis3596d ago

Tried to play the PC version, got too bored to get more than halfway through before moving on to better games.

Wouldn't call it a turd. More like a dud.

Doesn't really matter if it comes to the PS3 since everyone can just play it on their home PC regardless.

NecrumSlavery3596d ago

Mass Effect was a turd. It's by far the worse Bioware console RPG. I'm more excited for Dragon Age. But Mass Effect is welcomed anyway. PS3 owners may enjoy it

Major_Tom3596d ago

I see some butthurt fanboys downplaying the epicness of Mass Effect cuz it wasn't on the fabled 'TREY'.

Maybe the Trey didn't deserve such epicness?

gaffyh3596d ago

Mass Effect 1 was good, but i can see why maybe RPG fans would say it is a turd, because it was barely RPG, mainly a shooter. Still I enjoyed it on 360, so I'll probably get this on 360 as well (to carry over the character).

Sarcasm3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I liked Mass Effect 1. IMO it's one of the better games available on the 360/PC.

It might not be good to some people if you pay attention to the flaws, but overall it was a good experience. Calling it a "turd" is going a bit too far.

PS3 owners should be happy if ME2 does ever go to it.

If it doesn't, then oh well just move along. Buy a 360 if you really want to play it.

3596d ago
TheDeadMetalhead3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I was just playing Mass Effect 1 on 360 today (still need to finish it), and it's an amazing game. I would love to be able to play ME2 OR ME1 on PS3.

I also find it amusing that EA's trying so hard to crush the rumor while Bioware's practically confirming it. There's really no doubt anymore; ME2 is coming to PS3.

@1.2 (PorcelainGod) - What are you smoking and who's your supplier?

Tony P3596d ago

Having played everything Bioware's ever made by this point, I'd hardly say it's among their worst. And even Bioware's worst is like a normal game's "average".

LorD3596d ago

I just picked up Mass Effect for the PC, and oh boy, that's a great game!

I would like for nothing more than MassEffect2 on my PS3!

Hellsvacancy3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Ive not played Mass Effect so cant comment on the game but i probably would play it if it came 2 the Ps3, i wouldnt b all that bothered if it didnt

I think most people r more interested in the 360 loosin an exclusive rather then the Ps3 gainin another game 4 its library

sikbeta3596d ago

Not confirmed, they are playing with us, If is not release for PS3 prepare yourself for the Fanboys Attack and at the same time is kind of pointless If the first doesn't come out you'll play ME2 knowing nothing about the first

nycredude3596d ago

The first mass effect was not a turd. Yeah it didn't have great tech but I loved the story and the ending was epic. IMHO I thought the game was way better than most games on the 360, including Gears and Halo.

bpac1234567893596d ago

Why does everyone say that 360 games arn't exclusive just because there on pc as well. As far as me and the majority of ps3 owners are concerned, if it's not on the ps3 and it's on the 360 then its an exclusive. It doesn't matter if its on the PC aswell because most people don't have $300 consoles and high end gaming machines. This means that most of us can't run these pc games to there full potential. And on top of that MOST OF US DONT WANT TO. Why do you think people buy consoles? because they like to game in there living rooms, with a controller, an hdtv, and full surround sound. They don't want to sit in there rooms and game on there pc's its just not the same experience./ rant
So please just accept that 360 exclusives ARE exclusives. By the way I hope mass effect 2 comes to the ps3 because that and splinter cell are the two games that i want most.

kalebgray923596d ago

i think bioware will bundle all 3 ME's on one blu ray.... imo.... would love to see this on my ps3.... but for now i will get me2 on my 360 to continue my story.... my first 360 game since gears 2... sad so sad

GWAVE3596d ago

There goes another 360 "exclusive".

N4G king3596d ago

what you know
360 fanboys are now bashing their own game

just because it went multiplat

corneliuscrust3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Great observation! LOL


There are ppl that love ME and ppl that hate ME all over this thread. Ps3 owners, 360 owners, Wii owners, PC's not jsut because now the ps3 version is apparently a "possibility"

evrfighter3596d ago

"There goes another 360 "exclusive". "

not sure what your quotes mean. I can guess. But it's always been a multi-plat just a multi-plat minus the ps3.

menoyou3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I agree with PorcelainGod, Mass Effect is indeed a turd that relied on the alien lesbian sex for hype. All the nerds rated this RPG-disguised-mediocre-TPS highly because of their excitement for that scene. The game was especially bad on PC because it had no game-pad support. I like the Mass Effect theme but the game itself is highly overrated. It's really very boring.

Still though, I have hope for ME2 just because I do like the theme of the game.

AssassinHD3596d ago

Plenty of people have a PS3 and an average PC though. Have you looked at the recommended specs for Mass Effect? There is nothing "high end" about them.

frostypants3596d ago

@1.19: "Why does everyone say that 360 games arn't exclusive just because there on pc as well."

Because that's what exclusive means. If it's multi-platform, it is by definition not exclusive.

"As far as me and the majority of ps3 owners are concerned, if it's not on the ps3 and it's on the 360 then its an exclusive."

So if they released it on the 360 and the Wii, it's still exclusive? An exclusive is a game that you must own a particular single system to play, such as Halo 3 or Uncharted 2.

I have a PC that could rock Mass Effect. Just not that interested.

NeoCloud3596d ago

I am still gonna get this for the PC, as there is no confirmation about the PS3 version [And i have my save files from the 1st Game too].But If the PS3 version does come out in the future I will get it for the Trophies [ i just wanna reach level 10].

frostypants3596d ago

LOL @ the disagree...I stated fact, not opinion.

Lifendz3596d ago

I can wait a year or so to get the game. Not like there aren't a ton of games to play in the interim. Good stuff. Big ups to EA for purchasing Bioware and making this happen.

The 13596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

"probably PS3"

Where. When did somebody say that?

DevastationEve3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

PS3 fanboys are giving the excuse that because EA owns Bioware Mass Effect will be ported to PS3. They have a valid point since it's held true for several other former PlayStation/PS2/PS3 exclusives like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and Devil May Cry.

If Bioware does have plans to make Mass Effect multiplatform then I support them. It's a great game and seriously it doesn't cause me any harm as a gamer to see it go to PS3.

I've said it before, Mass Effect is the only next gen game that I can identify this generation of gaming with. Its sheer ambition and presentation still remain as of yet unrivaled.

Pillville3596d ago

"Why does everyone say that 360 games arn't exclusive just because there on pc as well." .... "It doesn't matter if its on the PC as well"

Take a look at the top of this site. Look at the tabs:

[PS3] [Xbox 360] [Wii] [PC] [PSP] [DS]

Each one is a platform on which you can play games. If the exact same game is released for more than one of these, it's multi-platform.

"PC" is a Category on New for GAMERS, IT...IS...A...PLATFORM...

RememberThe3573596d ago

who thinks that they're going to wait for the third installment, and then release the trilogy on one blu-ray for the PS3?

They can't release Mass Effect 2 without releasing Mass Effect first.

Darkstorn3596d ago

I'm still skeptical, but I'm hoping it will be true. A 360 exclusive coming to the PS3 for once, how does it feel M$ fanboys >:)

pixelsword3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

If the game can only be played on the console you own or PC, then it's exclusive to that gaming device.

If I don't have to own a 360/PS3 to play a 360/PS3 game, then it's not 360/PS3 exclusive; it's console exclusive, yes, but not an exclusive by definition.

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Delta3596d ago

I can't wait till they "Officially" announce it for PS3.
It will be An Epic Day...... For PS3.

OmarJA3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )


Too shooter for me for an RPG title but still a nice looking game.

ShabzS3596d ago

what? ME 1 was awesome come on..

Limited_Vertigo3596d ago

I agree, I thought the story was great and I enjoyed the characters but I disliked the gameplay. I understand it's a great game and wish I enjoyed it as much as the rest of the gaming community. I'm just not big on Western FPS/TPS RPGs.

Parapraxis3596d ago

The more stories I see suggesting Mass Effect on PS3, the more xbox fanboys are putting the game down.
Until these stories started showing up it was an epic game.
I guess it shows clearly that some people are gamers and others are just platform cheerleaders.

Major_Tom3596d ago

What.. No one is playing down Mass effect except for the few and the ignorant.

Parapraxis3596d ago

I know Tom, just...It's crazy to see.
There are increasing numbers saying its "a turd" and stuff like that.

Halo3 MLG Pro3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Show me one 360 owner that has said this game is a turd. Most of those comments are coming from the other side like Porcelin God or Omarja.

Parapraxis3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Halo3 MLG Pro & Major_Tom , wow, it does seem you're right.

I don't know why any PS3 owners would be knocking this game.
I suppose it's because I've seen xbox fans turn their backs on some great titles that went to PS3 before like Bioshock, that I assumed it must be xbox guys downplaying the title.

It's critically acclaimed, and to be honest, very well done. (played a bit on PC, realized how bad I need a better video card).

Mass Effect would be a welcomed addition to the PS3 library, no doubt.

On a side note, Dragon Age looks fantastic so either way I'll be enjoying some Bioware goodness this winter.

kyzer19783596d ago

Well I won't go so far as to say that Mass Effect was a complete turd but I will say that the game was waaaaaaaay overrated. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game a lot but I still felt underwhelmed after I finished it. It was a buggy, glitchy mess for one thing and I thought the speech decision making was incredibly monotonous and redundant after about the first 3 hours. The cover system was horrible and I hated how you couldn't switch from a right over the shoulder to a left over the shoulder third person view. The loading screens? Oh god let's not even go there.

Jdoki3596d ago

@Halo 3 MLG pro

"Show me one 360 owner that has said this game is a turd."

You fanboys see everything in such black and white terms.

I own a 360, it's a great console. I love RPG's... but I thought Mass Effect was disappointing and a bit flat. I wouldn't quite call it a turd, but it wasn't far off. Awful driving sections. A large proportion of the game stuck in a lift. Wooden and glitchy graphics. Limited weapons / armour.

dachiefsman3596d ago

you must have not played it very much cause, when I played I was constantly picking up and switching out various types of armors/guns/bullet upgrades. In my opinion, the menu system was tedious and a pain after a while.

I will agree with the driving sections, but I found the gameplay/story to be pretty good especially with the creative dialogue and excellent voice acting.

If ME2 comes to the ps3, have fun ps3 owners.

Halo3 MLG Pro3596d ago

You are nitpicking Jdoki. First of all their are TONS of armor and weapon selections including the bullets and ammo you use. The side missions were a lil repetitive and could of used more variety. Everything else you mention is just a minor complaint. How about the epic storytelling? Great characters. Easily the best sci fi story I have ever experienced in a game.

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Delta3596d ago

And another and another and another and another and another and another and another and another and another and another and another and another
(Till all there is, is Halo)

rawd3596d ago

mega muthafrakin' ton

Foliage3596d ago

Mass Effect 2 wouldn't crack my top 20 games to buy on the PS3. Sorry Bioware, I appreciate the effort, but I have a choice of which games to buy due to the wide PS3 library of quality titles.

Chubear3596d ago

I have 2 guys for my ME bet (2 in 6months.. wow) and I'm still waiting for 3 more to get the bet going. I guess no takers uh? lol, yeah that's right, talk is cheap when all you got is a cheap wackassed console to pretend you're being entertained.

Xbox360: Gimp in, Pay Beyond.

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