Tom Clancy's EndWar Trailer

IGN has the trailer up, enjoy.

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dachawk4289d ago

Seems like a kick back to cold war mentality. Urgh! I would change the game name ... seems like a political message ... a definite turn off to even considering buying the game. It's all about entertainment. Resistance Fall of Man got away with it by having futuristic weapons and bad guy aliens .... You've got 2 democratic countries fighting each other with similar weapons. Democratic countries compete via economies and politics, not war. What were you thinking???

Great graphics, though.

iceice1234289d ago

It will be one hell of a game.

DirtyRat4289d ago

I am getting sick of aliens popping up in so many games it'll be nice to play a game with a concept based on reality, whilst set in the future...I appreciated this in 2142 as well.

tony4289d ago

please , some gameplay.

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