Critter Crunch sees disappointing sales

Sony and Capybara Games are dissapointed with the first week sales of Critter Crunch.

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Ron_Burgundy3594d ago

never heard of it, you shouldn't be disappointed when no advertising effort was put in, or at least cause word of mouth like what happened with Demon's Souls

n4gn4gn4gn4g3594d ago

featured at least 3 times on the site. Its a PSN game not some highselling Japanese disc based game getting a US release.

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Awookie3594d ago

Yea and a good value for 6.99, several single player modes and online/offline multiplayer

Cenobia3594d ago

I intend to buy it, but I'm waiting for Trine to come out. I like to buy stuff in bundles.

Trine + Critter + Blood Omen (maybe)

Should keep me busy for a while.

Briefcase Joe3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

How have you never heard of it? If you could read this title, you could read the other titles that had Critter Crunch in it. You only noticed it when you saw the sales were low. Also, I'm disappointed that they are disapointed. :( To be honest, I've heard of the game, but I never cared enough to find out one thing about it.

RealityCheck3594d ago

In my opinion when it's a new IP, there should always be a game demo for it. So people can try it and have a chance to be hooked by it and buy it. (Live does that for all games, I think PSN and Wiiware should do too)

What are we supposed to do, buy everything just to try it? Most gamers are on a budget, that doesn't make sense.

That being said, I bought it after a friend explained what the game was and recommended it. It's a fun fresh take on Tetris and games like that.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3594d ago

to anyone that watches a video of it in action.

Bigbangbing3594d ago

I was hoping for a demo this week :(
but (according to one of the devs) it should be available the next week or so

still waiting for a demo to decide.

BrianC62343594d ago

"While a demo is nice this game is pretty self explanatory"

That might be true but they should still have a demo. The story mentions a demo is coming so why not release it with the game? That made no sense. I would want to try a demo even on a game that cheap. The only reason to not release a demo is the game isn't any good. Make it a five minute demo maybe. Just enough to see if you like it. I think that would at least get a lot more sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.