Uncharted 2 offers thrilling PS3 adventure

App Writes: "Those on the fence about which video game console to buy might be tempted by Sony's recent introduction of the higher-capacity and slimmer new PlayStation 3, with a $100 price cut to $299. And keep in mind that it's also a high-def Blu-ray player, a Wi-Fi-enabled Web surfing machine and a streaming media player that can wirelessly access digital content on a nearby PC.

If you need more incentive, however, consider "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves," an exclusive adventure that's shaping up to be the best video game of the holiday season. Developer Naughty Dog's sequel isn't flawless, but it delivers an unforgettable interactive experience for thrill-seeking gamers."

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Madusha3596d ago

It sure is, take a good look at the review scores. Average score of 9.7!

Gotta get my hands on it A.S.A.P!

Will it be a good game? Agree = yes, Disagree = No.

nycredude3596d ago

Played it already and trust me when I tell you this game will blow you away! Is isn't perfect but damn is it close! It took me 13 hours and about 15 minutes to finish it on hard mode.

Be prepared to have your face melted!