All the Call of Duty 4: MW Reflex details we know

"A developer for Treyarch has been answering questions over at Gamefaqs and we have compiled the details he has released on the game so far."

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ndpad3598d ago

If the game comes anywhere near the quality of the screenshot, I would be happy with atleast the graphics.

EvilTwin3597d ago

Agreed. If they pull off those graphics in-game, it's going to look fantastic (yes, for a Wii game).

ndpad3598d ago

Have a feeling the game will sell pretty good, but also have a feeling the time and love Activision put into the game might not be up there with the amoutn of sales it will do.

Heres to hoping I'm wrong on the quality statement.

saint_john_paul_ii3598d ago

"No MotionPlus support"


Smacktard3598d ago

Is Motion+ really required for a pointing game?

ndpad3598d ago

MotionPlus is not needed.

TheDeadMetalhead3598d ago

It looks MUCH better than those other screenshots (good thing, too), but 30FPS and 10-player multi? Seriously? At least do 12. -_-

EvilTwin3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Those other screen shots were pulled from Gamescom leaks...


...and they're pre-beta. That's why they looked unfinished -- because they weren't anywhere close to finished.

For multiplayer...this is more than [email protected] had, but less than Conduit. They might be trying to jam Wiispeak in at the last minute and are having trouble getting everything running well online.

The framerate...well, plenty of games look fine at 30 FPS (check out this discussion of Halo 3 at 30 FPS vs. COD4. at 60 FPS:
As HVS found out, you can either have 60 FPS on Wii and sacrifice some graphical detail, or you can do 30 FPS for better detail while sacrificing some speed.

I look at it this way -- COD4 was designed to look great on PC with 60 FPS. To put the game on the HD consoles, they had to dull the graphics down a bit to keep that framerate. But now we're down to a port of a port; this game was not designed for Wii, it was initially designed for a PC. They'd have to knock the visuals into a blurry mess to get 60 frames at this point. So they went after 30 FPS to get the best game possible.

But that's what you run into when you're porting a game, and not building it for a specific console from the ground up.
Retro managed to get 60 FPS in Corruption, and RS2 will go as high as 80 FPS, after all. High framerates in both realistic and cel-shaded games are possible on Wii. But you've got to put all of your effort into getting it.

ChickeyCantor3597d ago

"Wii exclusive “Marksmen preset” which aloows you to aim like a pc"
...wait how does that work?

ChickeyCantor3597d ago

" Precision mode fixes this - instead of moving your wiimote to turn faster, you move your wiimote to point directly at THAT point. It is very much like how aiming with the mouse works on PC shooters. Gives you a much finer degree of control over where your camera goes.”"

...sounds like one of the modes The Conduit has...i guess i have to see that for myself.

EvilTwin3597d ago

Sidar -- Pretty much how I sounds like Conduit with the controls maxed out, doesn't it?

The only other thing to consider is the "spinning" factor, when you're trying to quickly turn. But I honestly didn't have any problems with that in Conduit.

ChickeyCantor3597d ago

if you think about it, its not possible to map the Wii mote in a sense its a FPS-MouseCrosshair.
Dragging your mouse to a different position defines how the camera should move, but with the Wii-mote there is no aim constantly.

Basically your screen would be flipping into all angles because your pointer is constantly moving.

...really dont get what they mean...seems interesting.

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