Digital Divide: Why the UK is not ready for download-only distribution

With the PSP Go, Sony have set the ball rolling. They're not the first company to offer digital versions of games, of course; PC games have been available as digital downloads for years, and services such as GamersGate, Steam and Direct2Drive have proved the feasibility of such offerings. Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade offered digital only titles from the Xbox 360's inception, and since then full digital versions of both Xbox and Xbox 360 titles have been made available to gamers.

But The PSP Go is the first console to adopt a digital only strategy. One that, GameShard fears, the UK is simply not ready for.

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PirateThom3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I'm in a good area, not too far from the exchange...

My speeds are higher than something like 80% of the country is getting:

That's the big problem right there.

AstroZombie13599d ago

Regarding the infrastructure part it's a little off, he forgets to mention that there such a thing as a wired connection, then baffles on about how if you want unlimited internet you have to pay more, eh no wrong again.

I pay £17.50 for this:

with no limits whatsoever.

If you want good internet stop going with crappy ISPs like Orange, BT, Tiscali and AOL.