Resident Evil 5, Versus Mode PS3 Price Slash

Ve3tro writes: "Zombies aren't the only things being slashed in Resident Evil 5 as 'Versus Mode' is now available to download for a special price of £2.39 / 2.99 Euro's across Europe.

This offer will only be available until next Thursday 22nd October so for this extra offering of spine chilling horror visit the PSN store and get downloading today."

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Snoogins3598d ago

Capcom was out of their minds when they decided to charge $4.99 for a couple hundred kilobytes of code taking advantage of information already on the disc. I may have budged at $2.99, but not the initial price. At this point, I'll only care when it's free. Until then, I'll get plenty of use from the other modes, that is, when I'm not playing Uncharted 2.

Yast3r3598d ago

Absolutely, content like this should have been free. To make it a timed deal seems like a slap in the face, I wouldn't go out and purchase it any time soon.

Keowrath3598d ago

Haha completely agree I saw the title and was gonna comment it's still too expensive.

I had a great time with RE5, really enjoyed it, enough so to platinum it on PS3 but I'm not paying a penny for some crappy add on that should have been in the game from the start.

DoFuss3598d ago

Been that much here in Japan all along.

dorron3598d ago

I was thinking of buying it for a second...then remembered how angry I got when they first released this DLC. Not gonna buy it.