D+PAD: Dead Space: Extraction Reviewed

The Dead Space franchise is evolving, mutating and expanding faster than a spaceship full of necromorphs. As well as last year's debut, which reduced us to jibbering wrecks, we've also being treated to an animated film (Dead Space: Downfall) as well as a comic book series, which suggests that EA have big things in mind for the Dead Space brand. The use of the word 'brand' might be a bit harsh, but this is after all still EA we're taking about – for every Dead Space and Mirror's Edge, there's a lazy Tiger Woods update or a Lord of the Rings: Conquest to endure. On the other hand, we could admire EA's genuine attempt at crafting a universe in which fans of a particular IP can really get their teeth into. It worked for Halo and Star Wars, at least.

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