Gamespot: Half-Minute Hero Review

Shiva Stella writes:

"You'll spend roughly 15 hours completing the game, but Princess mode feels a bit shortchanged at an hour's length. The lack of any underlying depth, such as skills to master and dungeons to explore, limits your motivation to revisit Story mode for better scores. Fortunately, ad hoc multiplayer boosts replayability by pitting you against friends in a feverish race to defeat the boss in Hero mode. Though Half-Minute Hero may be troubled by repetitive objectives and trivial flaws, its cute presentation style and great speed-driven gameplay offer an enjoyable adventure you won't soon forget."

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andron3592d ago

So are people psyched about this game? I wasn't to interested before, but now I'm going to check out the demo...

callahan093592d ago

I checked out the demo. It was actually pretty tough. Basically you get 30 seconds to beat it, but you can spend money to reset the clock at certain villages. Every time you reset the clock, the price to reset goes up another hundred, so eventually it becomes kind of impossible to be able to afford to reset it again and you'd better be powerful enough to beat the boss. It was a cute game, but I don't know if I'll buy it.

Solbadguy3592d ago

need to start releasing UMD and digital version of the games at the same time. It should of been done as soon as the PSPGo launched.