American Weekly Chart for Week Ending 10th October 2009

Wii - 150,189 (-10%)
DS - 148,976 (-10%)
360 - 79,925 (+4%)
PS3 - 78,820 (-7%)
PSP - 43,505 (-25%)
PS2 - 24,682 (-5%)


1 Wii Fit Plus (Wii) - 239,148
2 Wii Sports (Wii) - 150,189
3 NBA 2K10 (360) - 145,588
4 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) - 118,317
5 Halo 3: ODST (360) - 115,092
6 Demon's Souls (PS3) - 105,752
7 Wii Sports Resort (Wii) - 104,485
8 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (360) - 93,884
9 NBA 2K10 (PS3) - 90,711
10 NBA Live 10 (360) - 56,900

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sinncross3597d ago

Wow, did Demons Souls actually hit 100k for its first week in the US?


Sarcasm3597d ago

Wow... no wonder they ran out of copies.

Simon_Brezhnev3597d ago

im glad it sold that much hopefully they will start working on Demons Souls 2. I hope in the new one we can ride creatures

vhero3597d ago

360 outsold ps3 only just I see not surprising though as most people will have bought their systems with Uncharted :).

SuperM3597d ago

this is vgcharts so you cant really trust it.

WenisWagon3597d ago

360 - 79,925 (+4%)
PS3 - 78,820 (-7%)

Jamegohanssj53597d ago

VG Chartz? Cool so that means PS3 and 360 sold the exact same ammount this month.


ndibu3597d ago

You just had to ruin it and add a negative spin and start something huh? Come people, there is no need to turn this into a negative war, same goes for number 4 and 5, very unnecessary guys.

AKNAA3597d ago

why are all these people buying this crap!? sure $199 is an affordable price for a console, but for the luv of gaming Get a freakin' 360 at least for that price!!!

sikbeta3597d ago

You can count mommas and kiddies as casuals, that's why people still buying the wii

WOW in the land of xbox it's only outselling PS3 by so little

Great to see Demon Soul doing so well

HolyOrangeCows3597d ago

But I had to save my $$ for Uncharted 2. :/

JeffGUNZ3597d ago

I am surprised it didn't Outsell the 360. I expected the Slim to help edge PS3 sales over 360 until after Christmas. Good numbers for both. Once Black Friday hits, these numbers will triple.

DaTruth3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You guys are discussing this as if it were real numbers.

This just proves the VG 360 bias. All console sales are down in North America except the mighty 360, that somehow bucks the trend by just enough to put it over the PS3!

F'ing lame!!!

Would love to discuss the Demon's Souls numbers... Call me when real numbers are released!

thegood333596d ago

LOL, the 360 is an unstoppable machine. Already outselling the PS3, after a couple weeks. Most impressive.

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maspi3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

demon souls = sleeper hit of the year

Another One3597d ago

I think that's safe to say. It sold quite a bit apparently. Another title I can't play that I really want to. Damn my lack of money and the lack of decent jobs! (reasons I don't have a PS3)

Real Gambler3597d ago

Sadly though, the release timing is pretty bad with Uncharted 2 coming out just a week after... Not the same type of game, but quite often, most people can only afford a game per month or less... It would have been nice to see the numbers for a few weeks, without a big gun coming out in there. Word of mouth would have done great... Even just talking about shortage, since they obviously were not expecting those numbers would have kept the sales going. Well, still looking awesome, particularly for U.S. Wow!

Sarcasm3597d ago

"Not the same type of game, but quite often, most people can only afford a game per month or less..."

I agree. Spending $65 once in awhile isn't too bad. But if you drop $130 at one time for two games, you feel guilty. Not only because of the money, but trying to make time to play them both to the fullest to get your money's worth.

Which is what I'm going through right now. Uncharted 2 absolutely absorbed me. I cant play anything else and don't want to play anything else. But now my Demon's Souls copy is crying in the corner. "Please! You still have to kill 5 more demons! Why did you stop? WHY!?"

ABizzel13597d ago

I didn't care for demon's soul. It's a good game gameplay wise, but I just couldn't get into it (I like the online). I guess it just isn't my type. But then again I didn't like Oblivion either.

Rofflecopter3597d ago

Yeah, Demon's Souls is slightly Oblivion-ish if thats one of the few RPGs youve played. It's a great game, but I usually just play offline. People spamming Acid Cloud and Scraping spear just gets annoying as hell.

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Sarcasm3597d ago

"PSP - 43,505 (-25%) "

Is that for real? Are PSPgo sales not calculated or something?

SnukaTheMan3597d ago

it released on october 1st right...what you think its some conspiracy from microsoft?

Sarcasm3597d ago

I never said Microsoft. You did.

I'm just surprised how much the hardware dropped off even with the release of the PSPgo.

So it's like people decided to stop buying regular PSPs AND not buy a PSPgo since it came out lol

frostypants3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I know it will upset some of the fanboys here, but there is no doubt that the PSPGo is a mistake. I have yet to hear anyone, who's opinion is considered relevent, praise it. Face it fellas, it was a misstep. It LOOKS great, but it's clearly a case of form over function. Nevermind that the marketing behind it has been straight up anemic.

I do take exception to those calling it "another" misstep, though. I think Sony's strategy with the PS3 has been great.

Also glad to see Demon's Souls selling so well. I've been playing the HELL out of that since last week. It has actually cut into my Uncharted 2 time significantly, which is saying something given the awesomeness of that title. Massive props to From Software, and to Atlus for taking the gamble in publishing it stateside. Maybe next time we won't have to wait 6 months for their efforts to get published here (I feel horrible for Europe, who has yet to get this game). Bring on an expansion or DS 2, stat!

creeping judas3597d ago

PSPgo @ $249
PS3 @ $299

That's the reason it's not selling. Along with what Frosty said.

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d_dogg20073597d ago

Are americans really that dense to still be buying that outdated xbox when a state of the art ps3 with some of the best games is at the same price!! Seriously are you people really that gullible to only believe in marketing and not actually look for value? Microsoft bends you over backwards and inserts yet you keep taking it? Extremely baffling i cant seem to wrap my head around it.

heihoosilver3597d ago

when Ps3 bring 4D games, 1080p 120Hz games much more people buy Ps3`s, but Ps3 continue to show games barely better than Xbox360 Games and weak multiplats people prefer to buy Xbox360.
Do you think just for one time that people like Xbox360 exclusives more than Ps3 exclusives? I like more Halo, Gears, Crackdown, Blue Dragon, Lost Odissey, Forza and other games than Uncharted, Kzone, GT5.

Elvfam5113597d ago

Do you know what 4D means seriously

lol at multiplatforms games that all you guys have on Xbox 360 your exclusive aren't doing nothing not passing each other like they should

calis3597d ago

In before fanboys argue about Uncharted 2 not there and realising the Uncharted 2 wasn't released.

Another One3597d ago

now you ruined all of the fun that could have been had. Now they'll realize their mistake before they post it...maybe.