First day sales in Japan

A listing of first day sales data in Japan for various games has been released, which includes debut figures for Uncharted 2.

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Valay3592d ago

All things considered, Uncharted 2 did very well. Great sell-through rate, too.

Tachyon_Nova3592d ago

is this the best debut for a western game ever? Probably not, but not bad, shows that the Japs have some good taste after all.

slayorofgods3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Not quite the 300,000+ we see with jrpg's there, but I think this is about as much of the western culture as you will ever see enter into Japan.

Does anyone know the first day sales for U2 outside of Japan yet?

Madusha3592d ago

47K for uncharted 2 :0 That's frekin amazing!

Can't wait to buy it.

N4G king3592d ago

and that japan
and they dont really in to shooters
cant wait to see what this game dose in US na EU

this proves one thing
japanese gamers really got a good taste when it comes to games

Maddens Raiders3592d ago

with 1st day sales of 47k in Japan is very impressive, considering how "underwhelming" it is.

What a Paradox.

Sarcasm3592d ago

"What a Paradox."


47k is amazing considering it's terrible.

My only favorite color is red except when it's blue.

The Kingslayer "Be a gamer, not a hater."

These were all examples of paradoxs.

masterg3592d ago

The first Uncharted sold 16.5k in the first week in Japan.
47k is amazing. It's also more than the first week in the US for the first one (32k).

rockleex3592d ago

Uncharted 2 actually topped the chart with its first day sales.

gaffyh3592d ago

This is actually very good, people on Neogaf were saying they don't even expect Uncharted 2 to get 80K lifetime sales in Japan, because the first one sold 16k in the first week.

ABizzel13592d ago

Wow that's not bad, I expected around 40K, and it's nice to see a game do decent in Japan, now U2 needs to stay around 40K for a few more weeks if it can.

gaffyh3592d ago

Also worth noting that this is first day sales, not first week sales, so it could end up being a lot more, although 70% of the shipment was sold, so probably not much more this week.

sikbeta3592d ago

This is a real proof that the games is AWESOME

NicCageMYHero3592d ago

At least part of these sales have to be due to the AMAZING box art Japan received for the game.

Bzone243592d ago

Are you guys "playing sales" right now?

Sarcasm3592d ago

"Are you guys "playing sales" right now? "

No, playing sales would be "HA! Uncharted 2 sucks cause it only sold 47,000 while Halo 3 has sold 10 million! Thus Halo 3 is clearly the better game!" -Average 360 fanboy

Bzone243592d ago

All you had to say was 'double standard'.

Erotic Sheep3592d ago

Well hello there Elisha Cuthbert. What brings you to a place like N4G?

P.S: Marry me <3

aaronisbla3591d ago

its like every comment you make has a fanboyish slant to it Bzone24.

If you dislike when ps3 fanboys go the "playing sales route" then why do the same?

Kinda typical for the average fanboy to always try and ignore one side while being critical of the other. You're just as bad as ps3 fanboys

morgan1jones3591d ago

thats crap i was expecting in the 100,000 at least

randomwiz3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Playing sales would be saying:

HA! Uncharted 2 got 1/3 of Halo 3's LIFETIME sales in ONE day in Japan

but people here are saying how great it is for a western game to sell that much in Japan

Bzone243591d ago

"Kinda typical for the average fanboy to always try and ignore one side while being critical of the other. You're just as bad as ps3 fanboys "

lol. And you are ignoring one side also and being critical of the other too. So basically you are calling me hypocritical while being a hypocrite yourself.

unknownhero11233591d ago

they are only remarking that for a western shooter, it's selling well in japan. it's not like they are saying that it's selling better than another game. I see no double standard here. maybe it's you who's hoping to see one.

3591d ago
aaronisbla3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

actually if you were to check my comment history, i call fanboys out if i happen to be looking at an article, no matter what side of the fence they lie on.

I didnt say you were wrong and they are right, i said why join there ranks if it bothers you so much? I call out fanboys where i see em, you included

But normally, i stay out of things that can lead to flaming and fanboy wars, just stick to the articles that deal with my current game list. Carry on fanboy

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PixlSheX3592d ago

Impressive! Considering it's Japan and the game isn't a JRPG.

RememberThe3573592d ago

I am impressed. It probably wont sell much more considering how games sell in Japan, but this is not a bad launch for a western game.

SonySoldierEternaL3592d ago

at that rate, it'll sell 1.5 million copies in Japan in 1 month.

kudos to Naughty Dog

Bill Gates3592d ago

This game is better than a BABOON'S mom...AHAHAHAHAAHHA

saint_john_paul_ii3592d ago

thats pretty awesome for uncharted. and thats just the first day.

theEnemy3592d ago


Hope it sells more.

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