Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Crazy Pre-order Prices on Ebay

It seems every time a big game comes out with a special edition, greedy people who want to make profit from hardcore gamers take advantage of the rarity of the product and sells it at an amped up price. First it was Bioshock's Bigdaddy figure, then Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' Fortune edition, and now, Modern Warfare 2: Prestige edition.

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Scenarist3593d ago

Lame ..,. who cares that a bunch of rich lifeless punks .. are willing to shell out 1 grand for a 60 dollar video game ....after the first week of magic .... they will feel extra stupid.

I mean how many people has a " collectors " edition of a game that will be worth something later ?

LinuxGuru3593d ago

Yeah, especially a special edition that was manufactured extremely cheaply and for a MASSIVE profit in Chinese sweat shops.

So lame...

mastiffchild3593d ago

I just don't get it myself-are these people just stupid or totally lazy? MY mate noticed that you could still preorder these at the normal price after seeing what they were going for on Ebay. He's bought the three he could afford and, even at an early stage in the bidding he stands to make a pretty huge profit.

But why woukld these people go to Ebay with the chance of being scammed completely and being sent nothing of value or not what you ordered when they could, more easily, buy it directly from a retailer if the looked for, like, a minute online? Or walked into a couple of stores? It's no more difficult finding this on the internet than it is just on Ebay itself so, I must admit, I dunno if normal plain idiocy covers this-unless they just want to pay as much as they can for thios shoddily made imitation set of goggles and some extra art or whatever.

People's laziness and idiocy are incredible at times but this really takes the cake for me-they can go for, like, five times their value and you can srill get them from retail outlets at the RRP even now if you must have the extra plastic tat made in nasty Chinese sweatshop conditions. It's this kind of thing that also shows the world that gamers are like overpaid sheep, even though it's a mere handful who'd pay over the oddsfor this bundle it looks,from the outside, like a massive scrum for this stuff! A few idiots with more cash than braincells are really making us all look a little silly.