Diehard GameFAN: Beaterator Review (PSP)

Beaterator is a cheaper alternative to the great PC music creation tools, yet it still manages to hang with those offerings in terms of customization and content. Gamers will have to know straight up, Beaterator is a tool as opposed to a "game," but those that stick with it will be able to make satisfying compositions, even if the title is a bit difficult to work with due to the PSP's layout. The community features for the title will have dedicated users going on the application for quite some time, meaning anyone serious about creating music will get their money's worth here. The live play mode allows users to jam for a short time, while the studio mode can keep players wrapped up for hours, making it a perfect portable music tool. The title has a couple of setbacks to iron out, for sure, but Beaterator easily hangs with the best of the bunch in the console/handheld music creation group.

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