Diehard GameFAN: A.I. War: Fleet Command Review (PC)

A.I. War: Fleet Command is the rare game that comes along out of nowhere and makes you pay attention. Instead of hindering it, the flaws that the game has only serve to highlight how good the rest of it is. Taking the relatively simple concept of a space-based RTS and running it to the logical-if extreme-conclusion of battling across an entire galaxy. Aside from some repetitive music, no two games will have to play the same, ever. Add in a large dose of cooperative multi-player and you've got a heck of a long-lasting title. Armchair generals can feel free to enlist to become armchair admirals. Build the fleet of your dreams, and send it into a war for survival. It won't break the bank, you don't need a brand new gaming rig to enjoy it, you can lose yourself in the story, and you can keep playing it for hours. Fans of space battles should do themselves a favor and pick this game up as soon as possible.

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