GRW: The Halo Hype Conspiracy Theory

A GameReviewWiki reviewer speculates as to why Halo:ODST achieved an average score... Halo fans please be gentle.

"Every year a new slew of games come out: bigger, better, badder, bloodier, more fun, more multiplayer and more stuffed packed in… and gamers get reviews claiming that the newest games are top notch or better than last year for those sequels. Is it all hype? An elaborate marketing scheme for us to buy the same old game? *Note* just a heads up for you Halo lovers, there is going to be some bashing so please advert your eyes.

Why Hype?Isn't it obvious ... "

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3595d ago
sakura20093595d ago

i agree with the article

callahan093595d ago

None of the article can in any way be applied to Uncharted 2. They're talking about things like lack of new content, "expansion pack" at "full price", using the same engine without any noticeable improvements, etc. Whether you personally agree that these issues nag at ODST, there really is no debate that they could be fairly perceived as applying to it, while it would make no sense to point those arguments in the direction of Uncharted 2.