Top 8 Games to Buy this Holiday Season

PS University writes "While writing this Top 8 list, I had to think to myself, "I hope these guys have $500 or so," because that's how much it'll cost to buy our Top 8 Holiday Game's list. At $60 a pop, maybe you can find one of these bad boys at a discounted price point or even used. Surprisingly enough, this list includes quite a multiplatform personality and I think it was important to consider all console owners instead of just the PlayStation crowd. As always, I'm sure some of you will complain that a title like Forza 3 didn't make our list and I'm sure some PlayStation owners will be upset that we didn't include Ratchet & Clank's upcoming title, but that's life.

Included below is our list of the Top 8 Games to Buy this Holiday Season"

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BlackSpartan1873594d ago

Well, if you own a PS3, there is no way to get all these games this year. But the worst part, even if yo wait until next year, to play some of these games, there is going to be about 5 to 10 must have games in the 1st half of the 2010 year. For example, there will be Splinter Cell, God of War 3 , FF 13, Mass Effect 2, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, Bio Shock 2, MAG , Bayonetta,Dark Void , Lost Planet 2 , Super Street Fighter 4, Whie Knight Chronicles, Mod Racing Nation, etc. All those games that was push back we will be playing next year. This generation is the best genertions in gaming. I having a blast.

rbluetank3594d ago

Demon Soul/UC2/[email protected]/Killzone/ Infamous ect.... these games will carry me until next year ps3 exclusive drop. there are alot of multiple games that has my interest but what kills them for me is the 8 vs 8 mp,sub hd and poor ports......